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Yet another new release to satisfy the souls of fujoshi and fundashi alike! This weeks focus will be turned to a brand new BL release that goes by the name of Contrast (コントラスト), published by the author named Itz.

BL Contrast

Where to start with this manga is a great question. This little story actually stands out a bit from all the bl manga out there to be perfectly honest. The author’s skill lies within how s/he formulates the story concept. It’s always all about first impressions, and the first impressions on this story leaves your head spinning with a bit of a sweet surprise. It’s as they say, there is more than meets the eye.

The Story

Due to the infancy of this particular story, there is a lot of directions this story can go in. We barely know our main characters, but that is nothing to fret over. Within the first chapter we are granted with enough information to see what we can look forward to in this story.

Polar opposites, is where our story starts. The lively social butterfly of a school boy, and our stoic silent student that no one knows much about. Both always pass one another down the hall, sharing a single glance, before moving on with their day in school. Kanata, our social butterfly, is naturally intrigued by this person he sees every day. Never knowing his name, let alone speak a single word to him. It seems as though kanata isn’t always amused by the commotion of having a social life. So one day, to escape from it briefly, during lunch he decides to visit the school rooftop only to be met with the unknown boy, well, a sleeping version of him that is.

BL Contrast

He learns all this time in reality the other didn’t realize they walked past each other each day, thus making kanata feel slight insignificant. But during their first real encounter together, they become quick friend. Though it’s hard to say you can be friends with someone before even knowing their name.

Story Concept

To be completely honest, the beginning of the chapter is actually quite scattered. At the start the reader is left all over the place, unsure where the story is going. In short the first few pages have NO real direction. It isn’t until halfway through the first chapter that the story is actually getting somewhere.


■ Kanata

BL Contrast

This sweet blonde is Kanata, a lively social butterfly. He is the one to always play sports, socialize, and attend outings with classmates outside of school. Gradually it becomes unfulfilling to social with everyone around him. It’s almost as if he yearns for simplicity and peace, and that’s exactly what he receives with mystery boy.

■ Mystery Boy

BL Contrast

We don’t get to know much about this boy in the beginning, but it’s revealed that he may have a sweet and considerate side. He seems to be soft spoken and prefers to stay away from the hubbub of an average high school student’s loud life.

Source: KnowYourMeme

There are many possibilities for this story. You shouldn’t let the scatterness of the beginning of the story fool you. Give this manga a chance to prove itself to you with the sweet moments that come later. After all we still need to learn the name of mystery boy. So I’d advise to remain updated on the manga!


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