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Remember My Hero Academia Smash Tap? Well, That’s gone. You now have My Hero Academia Smash Rising. With the new upgrade, the game has pretty much become another game. Here are a few things that you need to know.

Smash Rising

1. No More Combat

In Smash Rising, players will no longer be able to control their character as freely as they did in Smash tap. The new combat system features a more auto-attack approach, players will only be able to choose when to activate active skills and when to activate the new Rising feature. For those who don’t want to bother with it, there is a full auto mechanic which as always isn’t as good as playing manually, but I’ll talk about why later on.

2. The New Rising

■ R-Factors

There are a couple of new features with the word Rising in them. One of them being the new R-Factor Cards. These cards are like Craft Essence Cards in FGO. These cards raise the stats of the characters. Certain cards will also enhance the character’s quirks and unlock different active skills. Note that when you’re setting R-Factor Cards, Cards that unlocks Active Skills MUST be placed on the top three boxes, meaning each character can only have up to three active skills.

Skills are also separated into different elements. The more of the same type of element you have equipped, the stronger the skill will be. Skills are also affected by the basic Rock, Paper, Scissors system, so attacking a Red (Power) enemy with a Blue (Speed) Skill will deal extra damage. Incientally, all characters can have their elements changed on the team edit page.

■ Rising Chains

During combat, as characters deal damage, a bar underneath each character’s HP Bar fills up. When filled, Rising can be activated. This boosts the character, making them attack much faster, and generate SP at a much faster rate.

There’s more to Rising though, as mentioned before, in full-auto mode, Rising is activated automatically as soon as the bar is full. Whilst in easy stages, this isn’t a problem, but as stage difficulty increases, you’d want to manually active. Why? Because each time you activate a character’s Rising, an attack multiplier builds up, at 5 chains, you’ll get 2x Damage. The combo will last as long as one or more character has Rising activated. So you see why it is better to do it manually rather than using the full-auto feature.

3. AI Strategies

Although players can no longer control their characters, per say, the game does offer multiple strategies AI behaviors which will decide each character’s priority during combat. The icon can be found just above the character on the right in the combat UI. Below is an image of all the strategies translated.

Element Advantage pretty much means if you have a Red (Power) character, they will target Green (Technique) enemies first.

4. Strengthening Your Team

There are a few things to look out for when strengthening your team. As you may have noticed, Characters no longer have levels. Instead, players have to farm for their badges, another fancy way to say shards, to raise their Star, which in turn raises all the base stats for your character.

Another way is to raise the level of R-Factor Cards. R-Factor cards give additional stat boosts depending on their level and rarity. Farming the daily dungeon for the materials is relatively easy, so try to get all the cards you’re using to 5★ Max Level. When you finally break the barrier to being able to clear the “Great” Difficulty (グレート), you’ll be able to get them to 6★, and farm for more mats. Even you haven’t realized this yet, Smash Rising is just an auto-farming game.

5. Daily Missions

1. Clear HELP Battle x1 (Red Help Icons in Patrol Screen)

2. Send Character on HELP Quest x1 (Blue Help Icons in Patrol Screen)

3. Clear Daily Quests x1
4. Strengthen R-Factor x1
5. Strengthen R-Factor x3

6. Provide Aid to Other Users
7. Clear All Daily Missions

6. Getting Hero Souls (Gems)

Clearing the Main Story using the “Story” icon will give your an assortment of Mission Rewards, including Gems and Badges. If you want to farm for more Gems, you have to use the “Album” icon highlighted in the image below. Then change the difficulty (icon highlighted in the following image) and clear the stages there. There is no easy way to do this, so each time you will have to go through these steps.

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