QooApp Movember Art Challenge! Lucrative Mysterious Boxes Waiting for You to Win!

Mr. Qoo

UPDATE!: Due to technical issues, previous submissions could not be found via the event hashtag “#QooAppMovember”. To work around this problem, we have changed the submission rules to make it easier for participants to submit their works as well as for users to vote for their favorite submission. Please read the new and updated submission rules below!

November Movember, the month of mustaches. The month that embraces facial hair to raise awareness to men’s health, both physical and mental. To do our part for the cause, QooApp will be holding a Movember Art Challenge! We say art challenge but think of it as a Photoshop Challenge. Submit something for a chance to win Exciting Mysterious Boxes that will include some of the items shown below!

Event Schedule:

■ Stage 1: Submission/Voting Phase – Nov 9th to Nov 23rd 23:59 UTC-8
■ Stage 2: Review – 23th Nov to 25th Nov
■ Stage 3: Winners & Mr. Qoo’s Favorite Announcement – 26th Nov
■ Stage 4: Event Recap – 30th Nov

How to Win

Rules and Guidelines [UPDATED]

1. Make sure your anime/game image submission has at least 1 Mr Qoo’s cut-out! Cut out’s can be downloaded below.

2. To enter the contest upload your image submission in THIS POST.

3. Likes/Loves will ONLY be calculated by submissions uploaded in THIS POST. So start voting for your favorite works!

4. You can optionally include a caption to describe the image.

5. Deadline is 23rd November 23:59 UTC-8. Any submissions posted after the deadline will not be counted!

Mr. Qoo Cutouts (Click/Tap image for full size file)


Caption: There’s more than just Titans in the wall…

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