BL Review: Kekkon Suru Kamoshirenai Otoko

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They always do say, big things can come in small packages, and it is quite easy to say that Kekkon Suru Kamoshirenai Otoko (結婚するかもしれない男) is a perfect representation of that saying.

Kekkon Suru Kamoshirenai Otoko

This new release was brought into the internet on October 16th, and created by the author Youko Fujitani (藤谷陽子). The story is actually a nice change for those who usually stick to high school life base BL manga. This particular story falls into the slice of life genre and breaks away from the, sadly overused, high school premise. Just like one of the characters the plot itself is rather blunt, but not to the point where the reader feels no reason to continue on.


Ryousuke is a single gay man who is now nearing his 30’s. He ends up going to his friend’s gay bachelor party to find a life partner through good old fashion matchmaking games. There, he is drawn in by Shun’s beautiful eyes. The two hit it off at the gathering once it is revealed at the end of the party that they are the only match that was made. Both express their issues with dating as well as their desires to settle down and have a true meaningful relationship. They both want to be able to build a family, but both also struggle in being able to keep partners for very long.

The theme or tone of the story is actually quite mature rather than playful like we see in most BL manga. It carries on with its own humor of course to keep the chapter entertaining but still maintains an air of seriousness within it. The pace of the story so far is actually quite nice – nothing is rushed, but not so much to the point where it feels like you are getting nowhere in the story. In a way the pace of the story suits both of the characters because we get a sense that it’s going to take time to get to know and understand these two.

Main Character

■ Ogitsu Ryousuke

Kekkon Suru Kamoshirenai Otoko
Based on what we learn about him in the beginning, it would be very easy to mistake Ryousuke as a playboy. But in reality he is just a fool who really is just terrible at maintaining a relationship past sex. It is more than likely he is scared of never being happy, or rather afraid of never finding the special someone who will make him happy and spend the rest of their life with him. In reality, he seems to be stumped on how to jumpstart his love life into something meaningful.

■ Kariya Shun

Kekkon Suru Kamoshirenai Otoko

This tall blonde boy is a giant package with the word “mysterious” labeled on him. We don’t get to know too much about Shun within the first chapter besides that he too struggles with keeping relationships but not so much at the rate as Ryousuke. His eyes are described as beautiful, and in a sense he is quite aloof. He seems to be the type to not show or reveal much expression, but don’t be mistaken, this man is not a closed introverted book. When with Ryousuke he actually speaks a surprising amount.

If you are looking for something new to read, something a bit out of the normal genre you stick do, I believe Kekkon Suru Kamoshirenai Otoko would be a nice selection for just that. It will be interesting and entertaining to see how the story of Shun and Ryousuke – two mature men – unfolds considering they both share the same problems that some experienced men have. After all those high school dramas, it’s now time to have a getaway to enjoy something new!



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