BL Review: Lionhearts

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This BL manga is a tab bit short. When I say short, I quite literally mean the first chapter is about five or so pages long!


Lionhearts (ライオンハーツ) is a manga that released in early November by the author Ori Mita (三田織). There is so little yet so much to be taken from this very short chapter. First we are introduced to the main characters when they were children, meaning the true story has yet to begin. But a big downfall is the very obvious, which is the length, or lack thereof, of the chapter. We are given a big tease, not even a taste of what this story is or what it could be!



The story of two little lions. Long ago, two boys made a simple childhood promise, and it was to marry one another once that had grown up, so they may be together all of the time.

What is to happen later in the future is extremely vague until the second chapter is released considering we only get to see and barely get to know the two little lions when they are young children. But it leaves room for many routes they can go down together! It’s hard to tell at the moment whether they remained friends or meet again in the future when they were older!


■ Leo


 This strawberry blond-haired cutie seems to be the easy-going sweet one of the bunch based upon appearances. He doesn’t get as flustered as easily as the others but it is clear that he is relaxed and happy when playing with his childhood friend. He seems loving and caring, but again these are all just based on appearances.

■ Shin-Chan


 This little one, seems to fluster easily but still smile happily when in the presence of his sweet Leo. It almost seems that he would be the type to grow up to be a bit tougher, but only have a sweet soft side from Leo. He is actually the one to make the promise to Leo for when they grow up to marry one another.

So there you have it. If you have patience and love adorable cuteness no matter what, give these five pages a shot and decide whether that second chapter will be worth the wait after looking at those two adorable boys. Just imagine how the story will pan put when they are all grown up or at the least teenagers?! Just the thought should be enough to send you into a fit of squeals and roll around in your bed because you cannot handle how much cute potential the manga itself has. This chapter leaves much to the imagination…for now.

Writer: BetaBoy

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