BL Review: Kono Inu wa Mada Amai Doku wo Shiranai

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This weeks review brings us back to our oh so familiar school setting within BL manga.

Kono Inu wa Mada Amai Doku wo Shiranai

Created by Kokomotsu Hiro (花音コミックス), Kono Inu wa Mada Amai Doku o Shiranai (この犬はまだ甘い毒を知らない), is in a sort of way mysterious due to how the characters interact with one another and what they want from each other as well.

It leaves the reader wondering through the chapter, who fell for who first. Though most would commonly mistake it to be Takayuki-kun due to the background provided, it can be understandably arguable that Sakaki-san fell first. And there is nothing better than an internal debate within the world of yaoi. But this sort of debates lies on the premise of what can be a nicely laid out story. This first chapter is a little longer than most and heavily detailed, so it knits together the pace and story nicely.


Kono Inu wa Mada Amai Doku wo Shiranai

The story begins in the baseball club when Takayuki’s coach realizes that he is not fit to play for the season. To any athlete, hearing such news, and accepting the orders to take a break from the sport that is their life and passion, is damn near crushing to the soul. During his break away from his beloved sport, he seems lost in a sea of possibilities but has no will or push to reach for anything and there for having no real drive.

Kono Inu wa Mada Amai Doku wo Shiranai

Well that is until he meets Sakaki-san.

As a 3rd year and the sole member of the gardening club, Sakaki is taken care of by Takayuki during his rehabilitation time until he can go back to being a regular of the baseball club. When Sakaki frees Takayuki from their master-slave relationship, Matsumoto refuses. The reason…is because he has dirtied Sakaki in his mind countless times.

Spending so much time with someone you take orders from seem to have its effects on Takayuki. Though Sakaki cannot bring himself to accept. It’s almost as if he truly wants to, but something is holding him back from willing to accept the feelings Takayuki is shamelessly and bravely giving out.


■ Matsumoto Takayuki

Kono Inu wa Mada Amai Doku wo Shiranai

This young man right here seems to be the definition of a hard head. He seems to be very stubborn and stern. Well unless he is around Sakaki-san, then and only then will this boy turn into a softie, weak to whatever the other may ask of him, knowing full well he’d obey. It almost seems as though he is caught in a spell and is begging for the others love and attention without outwardly saying or doing such things.

■ Sakaki-san 

Kono Inu wa Mada Amai Doku wo Shiranai

He seems to be quite carefree, easy going, and laid back compared to the other. He plays the role of the master so well without trying and he knows it. It almost seems as if Sakaki-san feels bad that he quite literally has Takayuki wrapped around his finger and actually backs away when it is clear that Takayuki wants more from him. He seems to hold back from returning the other’s feelings, yet it looks like he wants to. The poor boy seems conflicted, he believes it would be easier if Takayuki quit trying to pursue him.

Kono Inu wa Mada Amai Doku wo Shiranai

Though it is not entirely clear on what direction the story seems to be going just yet with the characters and their relationship, it is easy to say that this is one read that has a complicated story given that the first chapter is such a detailed prelude. This will be one long story with so many uncertainties and twists, I am sure! 

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