Honkai Impact 3 New Version Updated with New Valkyrie Seele Vollerei!

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MiHoYo announced today (9th July) the latest version of its popular 3D action mobile game Honkai Impact 3. The new update introduces the new Valkyrie Seele Vollerei hits the game with a new battlesuit, together with a bunch of exciting updates!

<<Official Honkai Impact 3 Press Release>>

Presented by miHoYo, Honkai Impact 3 has released a new version: v3.2 (Undine’s Phantasm). Past memories surged up like unstoppable torrents, bringing the new Valkyrie, Seele Vollerei, back from the deep slumber under the sea! Seele Vollerei’s A-rank battlesuit Swallowtail Phantasm is also ready to battle!

New Quantum-type battlesuit: Swallowtail Phantasm

The first battlesuit of Seela, Swallowtail Phantasm is an A-rank battlesuit in Quantum type. Her unique Warp State allows her to move and attack freely through the enemies. Her ultimate skill allows her to decimate the enemies effortlessly with the extraordinary power of Shadow Avatar.

New New S-rank ELF: Selune’s Elegy

With a silken top hat adorned with a blue rose, an ornate cloak rippling in the cold wind, and a face of everwinter, the grim reaper is ready to play her requiem for the living.

New S-rank ELF, Selune’s Elegy has the following ability:
She can wield a scythe and her Ult can unlocks the skills of Death’s Aura so that she can deal with tons of AOE Ice DMG.

New Story Chapter: Deep End of the Sea

To retrieve the lost Gem of Desire, Bronya threw herself into the unpredictable Sea of Quanta. In this bizarre realm beyond human imagination, the most unexpected figure showed up before her… Story Chapter XI starts here!

New challenge mode: Q-Singularis

Unknown dangers and hidden hopes are calling upon those who dare to take challenge from the dreadful abyss. New adventures await! Tackle every challenge and stack your evasion skills and who knows? It may take you to the depths of the sea!

New Weapon: Hyperion Arsenal

New weapon Undine’s Tale, new stigmata Dirac and more is unlocked in the game!

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