Inside Look at FGO 4th Anniversary Event "Fes.2019 Chaldea Park"

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Over the course of this weekend (3rd-4th August), Fate/Grand Order (FGO) celebrates their 4th anniversary with a special Fes.2019 Chaldea Park festival. The festival is held at the Makuhari Messe exhibition halls and is filled with FGO themed displays and activities. Before we go in deep on what the has been announced and revealed, here’s a quick visual tour of the festival!

FGO Theme Park “Chaldea Park”

To celebrate the game’s 4th anniversary and to thank players for their continuous support, the festival features eight different sections, each with their own unique FGO-related theme.

Welcome Street

▲ Servants lined up at the entrance to greet visiting Masters

fgo▲Gudako & Friends alongside official cosplayers at the entrance on Day 2

Halloween Town

▲ Four mini-games are available at Halloween Town, win two or more to take home prizes!

Grand Castle Stage

▲ TYPE-MOON co-founders Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi left their mark by the main stage
▲ Armory with featuring all the weapons from your favorite Servants

Battle Arena

▲ Challenge other visitors in the Battle Arena with a game of Fate/Grand Order Arcade or Fate/Grand Order Duel -collection figure-

▲ Fate/Grand Order Arcade for visitors to play

Chaldea Market & Chaldea Puzzle

▲ Oda Nobunaga & Okita Soji Spotted!

Chaldea Palace

Set in the Shi Huang Di’s palace, visitors will see Servants in glamorous outfits. A special area is also set so visitors can spend time alone with Servants and interact with them!

▲ Banquet where Servants gather

Luluhawa Island

Perfectly recreating the game’s Summer Event, visitors will be able to join in all sorts of summer activities, take pictures with Summer Event Servants, as well as browse through the dedicated doujin market “Serva Fes”.

▲ The Luluhawa Hotel from the game is also present!

Throughout the day, the official cosplayers will also accompany Gudako and her friends on a parade around the festival.

More FGO 4th Anniversary coverage will be coming soon, Stay tuned to QooApp as we cover the 2-day festival!

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