Real-time Strategy Game UNCROWNED Now Available for Download

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Nestopi’s smartphone strategy game UNCROWNED (アンクラウン) is now available for download.

The game is a fantasy combat game in the Middle Ages. In the dark times when no king rules the world, players will be an unknown landlord at the border.


You will have to lead a group of heroes with the aim of expanding your territory. The game offers all kinds of featured maps, where you can command more than 200 soldiers and play real-time battles.

There are three strategic locations at each map, including Castle, Fortress and Village. The player that destroys the opponent’s Castle or occupies more locations than the opponent in 4 minutes, will win the battle.

These locations will be hidden in different corners of the map. They may hide in the forest or an obvious spot on the hills. Players will have to decide the defense and attack strategy according to the landscape.

There are no gacha system in this game. Players have to meet their companions in the tavern. The heroes’ job decides their abilities and skills. Job includes knight, archer, mage, dancer, etc.

As you will encounter the heroes randomly, you can  place tarot card in the system to increase the chances of meeting a particular hero.



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