BOOM!BOOM!BOOM!The Cutest War Game "Gears POP!" Comes to Your Phone on 22/8

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Yesterday (19th August) on Gamescom 2019 Inside Xbox Live, Microsoft revealed that smartphone game “Gears POP!” will reach Android and iOS on 22nd August!

Gears POP!

For those who cannot wait to play Gears 5, which is set to release on 5th September, “Gears POP!” definitely provides an option as it allows you to collect and upgrade characters from the Gears of War franchise with Funko “Pop!” styled visuals.

PV Released at Gamescom 2019


“Gears POP!” is a squad-based game where players can collect and upgrade Gears of War characters to create the ultimate squad by mixing and matching their unique abilities.

It currently provides over 30 characters from the series. There is also the option to add characters to the game through scannable cards that come with the Gears of War Funko Pop figures.

Gears POP!

Players can expect some thrilling and chaotic real-time strategic multiplayer battles. Single-player mode is also available which will pit players against the computer.

Gears POP!

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