Tokyo's Fate/Grand Order Memories Exhibition Reveals the Original Artworks of Craft Essence

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To commemorate the release of Fate/Grand Order Memories II Craft Essence ArtBook Part 1.5, an exhibition under the title of Fate/Grand Order Memories opens today (23rd August) until 16th September in Yūrakuchō 0101, Tokyo.

Under the theme of “knowing, watching and touching” (知る・観る・触れる), the exhibition showcases the original artwork of FGO’s Craft Essence from July, 2015 to April, 2018. An interactive zone is also available for audience to search the traces of the adorable Fou from the Craft Essence.

Slideshow Showcasing All Craft Essence

The exhibition begins with the words of Type-Moon founder Takashi Takeuchi (武内 崇) and a slideshow documenting all the Craft Essence from July, 2015 to April, 2018.

Disclosing The Illustration Process of Craft Essence

From sketching, coloring, lighting and shadowing, adding background to refining, the whole illustration process of the Craft Essence is disclosed in the exhibition. Photo shootings are not allowed in the exhibition, but an exception is made for media on this work “Seaside Luxury”, by illustrator Saito Hiroki, featuring characters Cleopatra and Wu Zetian.

Craft Essence Gallery

The full size illustration of “Prisma Cosmos” is displayed in the show, together with a bunch of original artworks of Craft Essence. Fate fans will be thrilled by the stunning details and delicate brushstrokes, which defines the distinctive features of each illustration.

Characters Showcase from Different Illustrators

Signature characters, such as master Fujimaru Ritsuka and servant Mash Kyrielight, is showcased under the hands of different illustrators.

An interactive game is also available for the audience to observe the illustrations with the small perspective of Fou. Let’s see whether you can guess which Craft Essence is on display, without looking at the whole picture! A hidden Fou is also placed in one of the illustrations, come and find it out!

Valentine’s Day Special Craft Essence

The zone collects all the chocolatey Craft Essence from servants during the Valentine’s Day events. A chocolate cake replica according to the one created by Mash in the game is also on display.

Photography Spot

A photography spot is available for visitors to take pictures with the “Mystery Masks” Craft Essence. You can also participate in a lucky draw after posting the picture on Twitter with specific hashtag.


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