Bandai Namco Mini 4WD Special Stage Event @ TGS2019

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Earlier in the week, Bandai Namco revealed the game’s official title and showed the core gameplay. Today (14th September), Bandai Namco held a special stage event for the recently announced Mini 4WD mobile game “Mini 4WD Hyper Dash Grand Prix” with a live gameplay demonstration.

The special stage event was hosted by the MC Guts and invited Hiromi Kae, Sora Takui, and the producer of the game, as guests for the event. During the event, attendees got to look at the live gameplay demonstration for the game, showcasing the actual assembly of their own mini 4WD as well as a look at the actual race simulation part of the game.

During the race, Sora Takui took first place as Hiromi Kae and the producer of the game met untimely accidents during the match, retiring their mini 4wd. A race review system will is also available in the game, and looking back at the race revealed a shocking subliminal message hidden in the course (the word Sora).

In addition to the gameplay demonstration, new information was also revealed. First, MC Guts, Sora Tokui, and Hiromi Kae will be included in the game as characters that players can race against when the game is released. Accompanying them will also be Japanese Pro-Westler Hiroshi Tanahashi who will also be a character that players can race against in the game!

there are still currently no news as to when the game will officially be released. Stay tuned to QooApp for more updates.

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