Bela’s Crush: Review on TV Anime BEM EP8

Mr. Qoo

The villain is terrible to watch and I don’t really get the meaning of this week’s BEM. Although the main characters have their unique charms, the bad story composition really jeopardize it.

I appreciate the efforts of the writers, who are trying to enhance the suspense environment by introducing Blue Note Attack in the murder cases at the Outside. But the cases suddenly solved after the police finds a security camera recording the face of the murderer. The existence of Sonia and the police are practically useless, and it is probably one of the most boring cases I have watched in the series.

The little crush that Bela had is the only thing that keeps me in the show. Although the process is kind of abrupt as Bela is attracted by the young transfer student, Albert, after the weird bird talk, it is nice to know that Bell is able to fall in love just like a normal young girl. Her angelic voice is also a benefit to the ears.

The scene where Bela confesses to her monster counterparts about her racing heart is very entertaining. Contrasting with Bem’s worries on Bela’s physicality, Belo simply laughs at her. His unique sense of humor really brings us lots of fun.

Bela’s heart is destined to be broken, as there is no way Albert will accept her true monster form. Roddy is indeed the weird one here as he still finds bela beautiful even in her monster form. Instead of getting moved by his line, I seriously question about this young man’s taste. Is it the point of the show as the monster looks ugly on the outside but has a good heart inside? Apparently, he has no idea that the monster is Bela, and I am curious of how he would react after knowing that it is indeed his dream girl.

I seriously don’t know what to expect in the following weeks, as the series is about to end. When the mysterious lady and Dr. Recycle are still in the shadow, I doubt there will be a true ending for the series.

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