Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist Investigator Trailer Released

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A new gameplay trailer for Tokyo Gould:re Call to Exist has been released on Bandai Namco’s YouTube channels! The new trailer features the playable Ghoul Investigators that will be available in the upcoming game.

Throughout the new trailer, fans will be able to see some of their favorite investigators from the Tokyo Ghoul including:

■ Kotaro Amon
■ Akira Mado
■ Juzou Suzuya
■ Haise Sasaki
■ Ginshi Shirazu
■ Kuki Urie
■ Saiko Yonebayashi
■ Toru Mutsuki
■ Kisho Arima

Investigator Trailer

About the Game

Tokyo Ghoul:re is a spin-off third-person survival action game where players will be able to play as Ghouls and Investigators from the Tokyo Ghoul series. The game features interactive zones that players can move around to reach their objectives. In each zone, players can also interact with different objects including oil drums which explode when attacked to deal additional damage to their enemies. The game is due out 14th November for PS4 in Japan. The PS4 and PC version will arrive on 15th November for the Americas and Europe.

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