Yoshitaka Amano's Japanese-Themed Project GIBIATE 2nd PV & Opening Theme Revealed

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The Japanese-themed project GIBIATE (ジビエート) recently revealed the 2nd PV and the opening theme song by The Yoshida Brothers and “Mr.X”.


A virus named “Gibia” has infected humans throughout the world in 2030. Just then, a pair of samurai and ninja traveled from the early Edo period, fighting together with help from a doctor who tries to find a cure for “Gibia”.


GIBIATE is a Japanese-themed project led by legendary creators in Japan. It was launched in October 2018, stating that “Create the work by world-class standard from the beginning”. Yoshitaka Amano (天野喜孝) (Final Fantasy) is handling the original character design, with Naoki Serizawa (芹澤直樹) as the monster designer and Yuzo Koshiro (古代祐三) as the music composer. The TV anime is set to be premiered in July 2020.

Characters and Cast

■ Sensui Kanzaki (神崎千水) – CV: Tetsuya Kakihara (柿原徹也)
A samurai who traveled from the early Edo period.

■ Funada Kathleen (船田凱瑟琳) – CV: Yukiyo Fujii (藤井ゆきよ)
Dr.Yoshinaga’s assistant. An optimistic half-blood girl, not good at fighting.

■ Kenroku Sanada (真田兼六) – CV: Hiroki Touchi (東地宏樹)
A ninja who traveled from the early Edo period with Sensui.

■ Yukinojyo Onikura (鬼倉雪之丞) – CV: Michio Hazama (羽佐間道夫)
A warrior monk from the Sengoku period who is good at fighting with clubs.

■ Renjiro Hatonami  (鳩波蓮司郎)

The leader of Galients, the outlaw gang. He used to be the boss of mafia.

■ Guren Soshigaya (祖師谷紅蓮)

The number two of Galients, having followed Renjiro since he was a gangster.

■ Katsunori Hamuro (葉室克典)

The member of Galients, who used to be a fisherman.

■ Hidenori Sakuma (佐久間秀典)

The member of Galients, who used to be a bomber.

■ Isao Mikimoto (美樹本伊佐夫)

The member of Galients, who used to be a track and field athlete.

2nd PV and the Opening Theme

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