Voice Actor Raising Game “On Air!” is Getting a Major Update On March 2020

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coly voice actor raising mobile game “On Air!” (オンエア!) announces to launch a major update in March 2020. A special website is opened to introduce the upcoming new contents, “Improvisation” and “Audition”.

New Contents

■ Improvisation
Players will be able to select different scenarios/ situations in order to train the improvisation skills of the characters. You can also select the lines in the scenario, as well as creating your Improvisational theatre. This function also comes with a live-2D technology, where you can enjoy the lively movements and expressions of the characters.

■ Audition
New performance will be featured in the “Audition”, which will start from document screenings. You can also ask for help from friends to enhance the audition points!

Special Site

Official Site

Official Twitter

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