[Qoo News] Akatsuki X Too Kyo Games Announces New Project “TRIBE NINE”


Publisher Akatsuki and developer Too Kyo Games announced the development of a new IP project TRIBE NINE, together with a concept trailer and teaser website.

Too Kyo Games is a Tokyo-based studio founded in 2017 by Kotaro Uchikoshi (打越 鋼太郎), writer for the series “Infinity” and “Zero Escape”, and “Danganronpa” mastermind Kazutaka Kodaka (小高和剛).  Akatsuki’s Shuuhei Yamaguchi (山口修平) is credited as executive producer.

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Tribe Nine is set in the fictional Neo Tokyo, where outlaw groups in the 23 wards fight it out in “extreme baseball” duels, which is described as not a sport, but a form of dueling. There are no stadiums—duels are held in the city streets. Fields will take advantage of each of the 23 wards’ characteristics.

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The project is still under development and there is no information about which platforms “TRIBE NINE” will be released on. Stay tuned on QooApp for further information!

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