“Yamishibai” New Horror Spinoff "Ninja Collection" Confirms for July 2020

Mr. Qoo

The ghost stories anime “Yamishibai” (闇芝居) is confirmed to inspire a spinoff anime series “Ninja Collection” (忍者コレクション), which is set to premiere this July.

The “Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories” series is originally anime shorts that feature six-minute horror stories based on the urban legends in Japan. It draws inspiration from Shōwa-era illustrated paper theater productions.

The new “Ninja Collection” anime will retain the urban legend and horror elements but will center on the Tōkeshū ninja group in Tokyo. With ancient techniques passed down through generations, the ninja is intent on wiping out the “darkness” enveloping people in the modern days. They are called “Touke Shū” (討怪衆).


The anime stars actors from the “2.5D stage plays”, including Yūki Kimisawa (君沢ユウキ), Taiga Fukazawa (深澤大河), Kazuki Soejima (副島和樹さ), and Ryōshirō Tsuji (辻凌志朗). The cast also features VTuber Taku Nanase (七瀬タク), up-and-coming actors Kō Ikeda (池田航) and Shion Suzuki (鈴木志遠), Niji no Conquistador idol group member Akari Nakamura (中村朱里), idol Monika Mita (三田萌日香), and more.

Staff and Production

Hiromu Kumamoto and Mitsuhiro Sasaki return from “Yamishibai” as scriptwriters with newcomer Rei Tsuruga. Akira Funada is directing the new project at ILCA, TIA, and DRAWIZ (in collaboration with Aqua). Akayoroshi (あ可よろし) is credited as the original character designs, and Tsubo Asano (ツボ浅野)is animating.

The rock band Backdrop Cinderella performs the ending theme song “Dance Unzaunza on Your Tippy-toes Like a Ninja” (忍び足でウンザウンザを踊る).

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