Adorable Pokémon Serves You Up! “Pokémon Café Mix” Officially Launches Today!

The Pokémon Company today (24th June) officially launches the puzzle game “Pokémon Café Mix” globally for Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android platforms. The game supports eight languages including Japanese, English, France, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Korean, and Traditional Chinese.

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In “Pokémon Café Mix”, players will play as an owner of a cafe for Pokémon. The core puzzle element will be similar to block-removal games, where players link the same Pokémon icons together by swirling to remove them from play and create “cute and yummy dishes”.

As players progress in the game, their cafe will attract more pokemon customers who will eventually join your café as staff. Players will also be able to personalize their café with a bunch of decorations.

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