[Qoo News] “Soul of Eden” Strategy PvP Game Launches for Smartphones Today!


Rayark today (26th August) officially launches the strategy PvP smartphone game “Soul of Eden” globally for iOS and Android platforms.


Launch Trailer


“Soul of Eden” is a real-time strategy, battle-focused card game, which allows players to utilize diverse deck combinations of their choosing, all for the sake of achieving victory in 4-minute long battles.


The game will include more than 130 cards. Besides the neutral cards, the cards follow four major factions: the Republic, Alien, the Empire, and the Beasts, each with their own individual battle styles, special attacks, and distinctive aesthetic designs.


Since the units featured in “Soul of Eden” each possess a variety of overlapping skills and effects such as Taunt, Active Skills, Passive Skills, and more, this allows for a multitude of variations in strategy and control.


Game Launch Campaigns

■ Play it with Your Friends
By 30th September at 11:59pm [UTC], each friend you have on your friends-list will get you 30 souls, capping at 600 souls (20 friends max).

By 30th October at 11:59pm [UTC], each friend on your friends-list who currently has, or has at one point exceeded 2000 battlefield points will get you 50 souls, capping at 1000 souls (20 friends max).

■ Grow your Guild
On 30th November at 11:59pm [UTC], get rewards based on how many members are in your guild. Check the rewards below: 2+ Members: unique avatar 6+ Members: random epic card x1 11+ Members: 1000 coins 20+ Members: Cutthroat x1

■ Daily Early-Bird Log-in Rewards
For the first 7 days of release, get 30 soulstones each day you login!

For the first 10 days of release, get one copy of the epic card Miner Mech every day you login!

■Free Limited-Time Emote
Login to Soul of Eden any time before 11:59pm [UTC] on 28th August, and get a limited-time Medi-bot emote!

Official Site

Official Twitter

Soul of Eden Soul of Eden Rayark International Limited Rate: 3.6 Download