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WONCOMZ G.O.H, a Playable “The God of High School” Experience

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Earlier this year, WONCOMZ launched the global version of its “The God of High School” mobile RPG (G.O.H). The highly anticipated mobile game adaptation of the popular Korean webtoon “The God of High School”.

What is G.O.H?

G.O.H is a mobile game based on The God of High School, a popular Korean webtoon that revolves around Jin Mori. The series kicks off with the God of High School tournament which grants the winner one wish, no questions asked. The series continues after the tournament with epic fights between man, gods, and devils.

Core of the Game

G.O.H is a very typical mobile gacha RPG where players collect characters from the series and build teams to take on different content in the game, from the main story scenario to Boss Raids, PvP, and Daily Dungeons.

The main combat mechanics of the game is turn-based. On the surface, the combat is simple enough for fans of the series to just collect their favorite characters and revisit the main story without worrying about their team composition too much but if you dig deeper into the mechanics, there are a lot of things to play around with, from each character’s partner effects to skill synergizing.


One of the greatest pros of G.O.H is the huge collection of God of High School characters in their various forms as seen in the series as well as several unique ones. This is definitely a plus for fans of the series.

The game also features a lot of content for players outside of the main scenario. For competitive players, there’s the PvP and High School Clash that allows you to put your team against other players’ teams.

The finer mechanics of the game’s system is deep enough to keep gamers interested. The passive benefits from the game’s Partner system give players more to think about when trying to build a team to use for specific content.

This ties in well with how diverse the game’s content is, in terms of strategies. Different stages require specific strategies to clear easily. It really gives players an opportunity to create different teams that serve different and specific purposes.

For those who are more casual and want to enjoy the collecting aspect of the game, there are many ways to obtain AG characters outside the Summon system By leveling and ranking up specific characters, players can exchange them for AG heroes. There are also event stages, like the current Christmas Event in the game, and the Advent mode that reward players with special characters.

For free-to-play players, there are many ways to earn spiritstones which is quite nice. The game can also be considered quite generous with the number of freebies that are given out. Looking at the history of the other servers, we can expect constant rewards and gifts.

In addition to the Normal Matches, there are different types of Ranked Matches like “3* or Lower Characters Only”, so the game still has competitive aspects of the game where free-to-play players can enjoy without having to worry about being clapped by pay-to-win players.


The main con that stands out the most is the translation and localization. More than often, the English translation appears to be weird and confusing to the point where it requires trial and error just to figure out the mechanics of a specific stage. Thankfully, this is something that can be fixed in the future.

Another con, which could be chalked up to poor translations, is the UI. The game’s UI feels really crowded and more often than not, it is quite confusing to work through. Certain aspects of the game also feel clunky, for example having to go back and forth between the main scenario and the quest page to accept each quest individually.

Whilst the game does give out a lot of free gifts to players, it still has a VIP system. For many of the solo content, this is fine, but when it comes to some of the competitive content, it still feels a little pay-to-win.


G.O.H is a nice mobile game to play especially if you’re a fan of the webtoon. There is a lot of different content that you can play through at your own pace. If you’re playing casually, the game regularly gives out freebies which is just nice to have.

There is a lot of space for improvement, most notably the translation and localization of the game. The game does have a VIP system which means on a certain level, those who spend money will have an advantage over those who don’t.

If you are considering whether or not you want to play, then the game is definitely worth a shot. The game does have moments where it shines. Honestly, asides from the translations, the game is not bad. From the game’s journal, we can also see characters from the My Hero Academia and KonoSuba collaboration, so it is possible that the global server will see this collab in the future. New players who start before 31st Dec will receive hefty gifts and benefits including 100 premium tickets, an AG Summon ticket, and multiple buffs effects!

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