“Rabbit in the box” Casual Simulation Game Now Available for Download

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Mariais Japan yesterday (28th December) officially launches the mobile game “Rabbit in the box” (箱入れうさぎ) for iOS and Android devices.



“Rabbit in the box” is a casual simulation game for players to collect and feed the adorable rabbits. The game features more than 80 different kinds of rabbits. You can customize their home (box), dispatch the rabbits to dig treasures and nurture them to participate in different contests. More and more types of rabbits are available as the game progresses.

In celebration of the game launch, all players can obtain 2,000 coins as rewards.

Official Site

箱入れうさぎ Rabbit in the box 箱入れうさぎ マリアイズジャパン 3.2 More
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