[Qoo News] DeNA’s Latest TCG DUELS X MACHINA Starts Pre-Registration



Japan’s DeNA launches the pre-registration for their latest TCG DUELS X MACHINA today (2nd March).

DUELS X MACHINA is played on a 2×3 grid board. With over 300 different cards, each with different effects that can change the course of the game. Like any other TCG, players will be able to build their deck according to their own play style.

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Pre-Registration Bonus
10,000 pre-registered: Summon Coupon x1, Three Star Card "商工ギルドの武器屋"
20,000 pre-registered: Summon Coupon x1, Four Star Card "ウルモルの呪術師"
30,000 pre-registered: Four Star Card "聖告の大天使 ガブリエル"
35,000 pre-registered: Five Star Card "水晶術師 ジアー"

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