Bandai Namco Original IP “Shinsengumi Kitchen Diary” Announced

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Bandai Namco Pictures announces the initiation of a new original IP “Shinsengumi Kitchen Diary” (新選組チューボー録). The “Food x Time Slip x Shinsengumi” project includes a novel series, comics and anime.

Masatsugu Saito, the character design of “Expelled from Paradise” anime film, works on the project’s character design. A web novel series by “Automatic Waitress” author SOW will start serializing on Yatate Bunko today on 12th January.

A comic adaptation of the novel by artist Ayato Kumagai will also start serializing at KADOKAWA’s Monthly Shōnen Ace in February. The project also reveals plans for a TV anime adaptation later on.


Izumi Inaba, a high school student with professional cooking skills, has been rigorously instructed by his/ her (gender unknown) father, a genius chef.

One day, after a huge fight with his father, Izumi travels back in time to the Bakumatsu period of Kyoto !? There he meets the famous warrior Hijikata Toshizō, who invited him to join Shinsengumi because of his incredible cooking skills. The youth drama woven by timeless encounters opens its curtain!


■ Izumi Inaba (稲葉 泉), left
A high school student who travels through time from modern Japan to the Edo period. Being beaten by father, a top-class chef, he/ she has high skills and abundant knowledge about cooking.

■ Hijikata Toshizō (土方歳三), right
Vice-Commander of Shinsengumi. He is known to be the “Demon Vice-Commander,” who set up the regulations of Shinsengumi and strictly follows them. Actually, he has a sweet tooth.

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