“Hortensia Saga R” Release Date Confirmed on February 1

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f4samura today (21st January) confirms that the smartphone game “Hortensia Saga R” (オルタンシア・サーガR) will be released on 1st February for iOS and Android.

The official Youtube channel also streams 2 new comment videos featuring the cast of the protagonist (CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya), Mariyus (CV: Yui Horie),

Comment Video


“Hortensia Saga R” is a full 3D remake following the worldview of “Hortensia Saga”. Though the storyline finds similarity, the game will feature a different battle training system. Players have to build a team of five in battles, and will be able to exchange units during battles according to the composition of the enemy.

The unit has detailed parameters such as HP and attack power, as well as criticality rate and defense penetration rate, and you can choose to grow the stats with items. Players can not only train the units, but also the equipment. It provides a greater flexibility to the training system, where players can build your team more strategically.


The game celebrates its pre-registration reaching 150,000 and all players will be able to obtain gacha tickets x 5 & Craftsman’s Stone x 1.

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