[Qoo News] “Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood” Original Anime Reveals 1st PV, Cast & April 6 Premiere


Bushiroad’s original anime project “Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood” (擾乱 THE PRINCESS OF SNOW AND BLOOD) has revealed the first promotional video and cast during a press conference on 9th February. The TV anime series will premiere on 6th April 2021.


The PV also previews the opening theme song “Exist” by RAISE A SUILEN, who also performs the ending theme song “Embrace of light.”

The anime is set in an alternate history Japan in 1931, with the Tokugawa shogunate never abolished and the Meiji emperor never restored to power. The anime will follow the activities of “Nue,” an organization of shogunate executioners who enforce government rule.


Characters & Cast

■ Sawa Yukimura (雪村咲羽) – CV: Suzuko Mimori (三森すずこ)

■ Makoto Tsukishiro (月城真琴) – CV: Shouta Aoi (蒼井翔太)

■ Elena Hanakaze (花風エレーナ) – CV: Raychell

■ Asahi Nakamura (中村浅陽) – CV: Ayasa Itō (伊藤彩沙)

■ Jin Kuzuhara (葛原仁) – CV: Chikahiro Kobayashi (小林親弘)


Stage Play

The anime project will also inspire a stage play adaptation in Meijiza in Fall 2021. The anime’s main cast will reprise their roles in the stage play.



It is the 64 year of the Meiji era.

The stage is an alternative Japan where Tokugawa Yoshinobu continues to maintain absolute power.

The nation has developed its own energy source, the “dragon vein,” and has achieved a unique development mixed with science and traditions in the Edo period.

However, behind such a gorgeous city, the dissident organization Kuchinawa smolders the flames of revolution and aims to overthrow the government.”Nue”, the dark organization of the Tokugawa government, was entrusted to exterminate the rebellions.

Sawa Yukimura, whose family was murdered when she was young, became the executioner of “Nue” and looked for chances to get revenge.


Staff and Production

Director: Susumu Kudo (工藤進)
Series Composition: Rika Nezu (根津理香)
Character Design: Kano Komiyama (小宮山楓乃)
Production Design: Jun Yamaguchi (山口順)
Art Director: Yukari Yasuda (安田ゆかり)
Color Design: Misako Akama (赤間三佐子)
Director of Photography: Yohei Konishi (小西庸平)
Editing: Masaki Sakamoto (坂本雅紀)
Sound Director: Yuichi Imaizumi (今泉雄一)
Music: MICHIRU (未知瑠)
Sound Production: Sonilude


■ Sawa Yukimura (雪村咲羽) – CV: Suzuko Mimori (三森すずこ)
■ Makoto Tsukishiro (月城真琴) – CV: Shouta Aoi (蒼井翔太)
■ Elena Hanakaze (花風エレーナ) – CV:Raychell
■ Asahi Nakamura (中村浅陽) – CV: Ayasa Itō (伊藤彩沙)
■ Jin Kuzuhara (葛原仁) – CV: Chikahiro Kobayashi (小林親弘)

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