April's Fool Day 2021 Announcement Review~

Mr. Qoo

Every year on April’s Fool Day, gamers are gifted with all sorts of announcements. Here we bring to you some of our favorite April’s Fool Day announcements and events!

Fate/ Freedom Order: Our Unite War

Every year, one of the most highly anticipated April’s Fool gags is from FGO. This year they have once again delivered a 24-hour limited game that brings April’s Fool Day to a whole new level. In “Fate/ Freedom Order: Our Unite War,” players can collect and combine fragments of the “Fate” heroes to challenge different quests. It features more than 28 million heroic spirits combination. You can also use the QR code to battle against the servants of other masters (players). Though this may be one of the biggest event for April’s Fool, it definitely isn’t the only FGO-related one!

Azur Lane 90’s Throwback

This all-new Azur Lane OVA takes inspiration from 90’s anime. According to the official “announcement”, the OVA will follow the story of USS Laffey, HMS Javelin, IJN Ayanami, and Z23 before they met in the events of Azur Lane.

Ensemble Stars

For the whimsical April’s Fool Day, Ensemble Stars released a special site revealing a very unexpected main story, the “Space War Arc”. Parodying the iconic Gundam Seed series, the new MV transforms your favorite idols into mecha pilots. Special April’s Fool items will be available in-game until 30th April.

A New Way to Play D4DJ

Bushiroad and Donuts’ D4DJ Groovy Mix released a new special update that completely changes the way the game is played. Because of a prank played by Lyrical Lily’s Kurumi Shiratori and Miiko Takeshita, the game’s UI takes a complete overhaul with new sound effects and a whole new gameplay experience where players have to avoid the notes!

Zombie Land Saga x 100 Nichi Go ni Shinu Wani

Returning to the air on 8th April, Zombie Land Saga celebrates with a special 4-panel manga made by the creator of “100 Nichi Go ni Shinu Wani” titled “The Zombie That Dies on the First Day” (1日目に死ぬゾン). As the title suggests, the comics depict an abrupt death.

Eagle Talon Live Action Project?!

Making use of current affairs, Eagle Talon announces a new live-action adaptation for 1st April 20xx titled “Usse ~ewa! Taka no Gerion Musume no Yaiba RISE” (うっせぇわ!鷹のゲリオン娘の刃 RISE). Parodying EVA, Pui Pui Molcar, Monster Hunter Rise, and what seems to be Uma Musume Pretty Derby. This announcement surely doesn’t disappoint.

Thunderbolt Fantasy 3 x FGO

Thunderbolt Fantasy 3 announced a special collaboration with Fate/Grand Order! The collaboration will feature a special collaboration video. Though no details have been revealed, the series’ announced that a PV will be released on 2nd April. An April’s Fool joke or a completely unexpected collaboration? Only time will tell.

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