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Mr. Qoo Birthday Greeting Cards pt. 3

Mr. Qoo

Part 3 of Mr. Qoo Birthday Greeting Cards! We continue to highlight some of the greeting cards Mr. Qoo have received on his birthday! Be sure to check out the special event page for new events and to see all the greeting cards that we haven’t highlighted yet.

Qoo Brithday

Eliphant Pte Ltd.

Organized by Eliphant Pte Ltd., Gamestart was one of the largest gaming conventions in SEA. QooApp has been an official media partner with Gamestart for many years. In 2019, Eliphant Pte Ltd. announced that they will be working together with Gamescom to bring the iconic convention to Asia.

Ensemble Stars!! Music

Ensemble Stars!! Music is a mobile rhythm game based on the Ensemble Stars!! game franchise. Players can play songs under the franchise with live performances in 3D CG graphics. You can also change the costumes and hold hand-shaking events for the idols.

Infinity Kingdom

Infinity Kingdom is an SLG mobile game developed by Gamamobi. You can find all kinds of fantasy creatures in Infinity Kingdom, and all the characters are inspired by heroes from western culture. Fight for your territories and gain various lands to expand your power. Come and become the mighty conqueror in Infinity Kingdom!

The Rising of the Shield Hero RISE

The Rising of the Shield Hero RISE is the official mobile adaptation under the supervision of Kadokawa and the light novels’ writer Aneko Yusagi. The game allows players to relive the significant moments of the anime. The roguelike dungeon gameplay generates maps randomly, bringing a different gaming experience every time you play!

Mighty Media Co., Ltd.

Mighty Media Co., Ltd. is an anime licensing company with series including Inuyasha, Naruto, Great Teacher Onizuka, and many more classics. In recent years, they have also obtained the license for the Fate series as well as the IDOLiSH7 series. QooApp has also been invited to premieres for many of their licensed anime movies including some of the recent Detective Conan movies!

Re:Zero Lost in Memories

Re:Zero Lost in Memories is a RPG based on the Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World anime. The game follows an original story under the supervision of the light novels’ writer Tappei Nagatsuki. Players play as Subaru Natsuki to make choices under different circumstances, which leads to multiple ‘What If ‘ routes.


Released on 13th July, OH MY GOD is an idle game with a whimsical take on iconic deities including Athena and Buddha. The game draws influence from modern-day cultures to tickle the hearts of Chinese players.

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