[Qoo News] JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Anime 1st PV Confirms December Premiere on Netflix


The TV anime adaptation of Hirohiko Araki’s JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean manga has revealed a key visual, first PV, main staff and additional cast on a live stream event on August 9. The anime will premiere exclusively on Netflix worldwide in December, and will then air on television in Japan in January 2022.


David Production is again animating the series after producing all the previous seasons. Kenichi Suzuki is returning from Parts 1-3 as the chief director, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable director Toshiyuki Kato returns to direct the series. Yasuko Kobayashi also returns to handle the series composition, and Masanori Shino works on the character design.


■ With Eng. Sub.

■ Without Eng. Sub.




Character Design

■ Jolyne – CV: Ai Fairouz

■ Ermes Costello – CV: Mutsumi Tamura

■ Foo Fighters – CV: Mariya Ise

■ Emporio Alnino – CV: Atsumi Tanezaki

■ Weather Report – CV: Yuichiro Umehara

■ Narciso Anasui – CV: Daisuke Namikawa

■ Jotaro Kujo – CV: Daisuke Ono21080903213749


Florida, U.S.A, 2011 After an accident while on a drive with her sweetheart, Jolyne Cujoh falls into a trap and is sentenced to fifteen years. She is sent to the state-run maximum-security correctional facility Green Dolphin Street Prison—AKA “the Aquarium.” On the verge of despair, she receives a pendant from her father that causes a mysterious power to awaken inside of her.

“There are things in this world that are more terrifying than death, and what’s happening in this prison is definitely one of them.” A message from a mysterious boy who appears before Jolyne, inexplicable events that occur one after another, the horrifying truth told to her by her father when he comes to visit, and the name DIO… Will Jolyne ultimately be set free from this stone ocean they call a prison? The final battle to end century-long fateful confrontations between the Joestar family and DIO begins!


Staff and Production

Original Work: Hirohiko Araki [Shueisha’s Jump Comics]
Chief Director: Kenichi Suzuki
Director: Toshiyuki Kato
Series Composition: Yasuko Kobayashi
Character Design: Masanori Shino
Sub Character Design: Kei Tsuchiya
Stand Character Design: Shun’ichi Ishimoto
Prop Design: Daisuke Niitsuma
Art Setting: Reeki Taki, Junko Nagasawa, Yuriko Watanabe
Art Director: Keito Watanabe
Color Design: Hiroko Sato
Director of Photography: Kazuhiro Yamada
Editing: Kiyoshi Hirose
CG Producer: Yutaka Hamanaka
CG Director: Kōtarō Shishido
Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
Music: Yūgo Kanno
Animation: david production


■ Jolyne – CV: Ai Fairouz
■ Ermes Costello – CV: Mutsumi Tamura
■ Foo Fighters – CV: Mariya Ise
■ Emporio Alnino – CV: Atsumi Tanezaki
■ Weather Report – CV: Yuichiro Umehara
■ Narciso Anasui – CV: Daisuke Namikawa
■ Jotaro Kujo – CV: Daisuke Ono

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