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World Flipper Global is Out But Actually Playing it Proves Difficult

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World Flipper Global, managed by Kakao Games, has officially launched for “global” players. The original Japanese version was a great hit to mobile games with its fast-paced pinball gameplay and real-time co-op features which after some polishing worked quite well across the board. One of the main downsides of the Japanese version of the game was it required a constant VPN connection to Japan in order to play.

Ever since the global version was announced, players from across the world have been quite hyped to finally get to play the game in English and without VPN. But from what we can see, it appears that the long-awaited global version is coming to a pretty rough start.


Any gacha gamer will tell you that reroll is just part of the gacha game experience and it is almost something that every gacha gamer will at least consider doing. When the original Japanese version was released, Cygames included a “Data Clear” button in the title screen menu which allowed players to easily wipe their data without uninstalling the game. Features like these were genuinely appreciated by players and in a sense show how much developers and publishers understood their target audience.

When the servers for the global version launched, one of the first things that players noticed was the removal of the “Data Clear” button. Whilst Kakao Games did not completely remove the ability to wipe your account, they did ensure that rerolling without uninstalling on a non-rooted device would be more than difficult, so to speak. To completely wipe your account, you will have to unregister it. Even if you choose to log in as a Guest, this method has a 24-hour duration, which last I checked is much longer than reinstalling the game.


Prior to the game’s launch, online communities have brought to light that several of the characters appear different in the advertisements and trailers for the global version of the game. Whilst censorship in games aren’t anything new, World Flipper isn’t one of those game with overly explicit/suggestive illustrations leaving a lot of players confused on the reasoning behind these illustrations.

Global Trailer

JP Trailer


Whilst most players in the world can access the global version, there appear to be a few exceptions. In regions where the game already has a different version launched (Japan, Hong Kong, etc.) there are players who cannot access the global version despite VPN which normally works. This means that if you’re an English gamer in these regions, chances are an English version of World Flipper will still elude you.

What do you think about the new global version? Are some of the changes made to the Global version going to stop you from playing the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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