CLAMP’s xxxHOLiC manga Gets Live-Action Movie in April Starring Kamiki Ryunosuke & Kō Shibasaki


CLAMP’s xxxHOLiC manga is getting a live-action movie that will open in Japan on April 29, 2022.

Ryunosuke Kamiki plays Kimihiro Watanuki, while Kou Shibasaki will play Yūko Ichihara. Known photographer and film director Mika Ninagawa (live-action Sakuran, Helter Skelter) is directing the film, with a script by Erika Yoshida.


About xxxHOLiC

The original xxxHOLiC manga’s story follows Kimihiro Watanuki, a high school student plagued by ayakashi spirits which are invisible to everyone else but him. The series begins when Watanuki stumbles, seemingly by chance, into a shop that grants wishes. The shop is owned by Yūko Ichihara, a mysterious witch of many names and esoteric renown.

For a price, she offers to grant Watanuki’s wish to be rid of the spirits. The price, according to Yūko, must be of equal value; so, as payment, he must become Yūko’s temporary, part-time cook and housekeeper. While his established job consists of household chores, Yūko increasingly sends him on errands of a supernatural or spiritual nature as the series develops.

xxxHOLiC Live-Action Cast

Ryunosuke Kamiki plays Kimihiro Watanuki


Kou Shibasaki will play Yūko Ichihara


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