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Bandai Namco's Graffiti Smash Kicks Off Pre-Registration

Mr. Qoo Android iOS

Bandai Namco has kicked off the pre-registration for their upcoming mobile title Graffiti Smash (グラフィティスマッシュ)!

From the 30-seconds Pre-Registration PV released on the game’s official YouTube channel, Graffiti Smash appears to be a slingshot mobile game which features multiplayer co-op.

The Pre-Registration event comes with special bonuses.

Pre-Registration Bonuses:
10k Pre-registered: 20 Crystals
50k Pre-registered: 50 Crystals
100k Pre-registered: 100 Crystals
200k Pre-registered: 200 Crystals
300k Pre-registered: 300 Crystals


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