Tears of Themis Event Guide: Xmas Partyland


The Xmas Partyland Event has arrived in Tears of Themis! To better prepare your sweet winter holidays with the four ikemen characters, here’re some guide and tips that you should not miss!

Tears of Themis Event Guide: Xmas Partyland

How To Start the Event?

The event is available from December 11, 11:00 AM (UTC+9) to January 1, 11:00 AM (UTC+9). Noted that you have to clear Level 02-28 of the Main Story before proceeding. To begin the event, tap the event logo from your HOME Screen, as shown in the image below:


Once you’re in the event page, the game will ask you to choose one of the four cast members to accompany you as your partner. You can always change your partners, so don’t worry!

Roll the Dice and Advance!

Once you’ve chosen your desired partner, it’s time to hit the board! …Literally. You see, Xmas Partyland is an identical style of event compared to the summer event we’ve had previously. In this particular event, we had a big board where we traverse through by throwing the dice. For every 60 minutes that pass, you’ll replenish one die. Up to 30 dice can be held.

Different Cells, Different Effects!

As you land upon different cells, you’ll be granted different effects. Here are a list of more rare ones that you should look out for:

■ Multiplier Cells
Upon landing on a Multiplier Cell, you’ll trigger a random roulette that will grant you a multiplier on either the gifts you earn from the Gift Cell, double the coins you earn from a Wealth Cell, or double the amount of die you earn when you land on a Supply Cell.

■ Wealth Cells
Wealth Cells grant you, literally, wealth. Stopping on them will give you Wishing Coins, the exchange currency necessary for the event shop. Make sure you collect as many as you can, because there are many skill-upgrade items that are vital to make your cards strong!

■ Gift Cell
Gift Cells are really random on what reward you’ll obtain. You’ll either obtain an item that will assist you on the board game, an upgrade item for your partner’s card (i.e. If your partner is Luke, you’ll get items related to him, such as the Camera Lenses). However, if you’re lucky, you can obtain some pretty good items that will undoubtedly assist you in your journey.

Luck Cell
When you reach the Lucky Cell, the Snow Globe will give you a choice of reward, which can give you the choice between Wishing Coins and items to help you get around the board. I recommend only getting the Wishing Coins if you max it out however, as the items the Snow Globe can give are way more useful.


Useful Items

It’s not a board game if you don’t have items to assist you on your journey. Compared to the previous event, new items were added that make it super easy. I suggest keeping a stock of the following items:

Loaded Dice
This item allows you to pick a number between 1 and 6 and move that amount of spaces. Extremely useful if you are very close to a Reindeer Workshop space.


Penguin Slippers
One of the new items added for the event. For up to five cells, you’ll automatically grab the rewards that a cell would give even if you end up missing it. As an example, if there are five Wealth Cells, and I use the slippers, I’ll obtain the rewards of all five cells, instead of the cell I had rolled, say, a 6.


■ Rollerblades
Rollerblades will allow you to instantly move 10 steps from the cell you’re currently in. They’re great if you’re planning on moving across the board fast!


Complete Quests and Earn Rewards!

There are two types of quests in Xmas Partyland that players can clear:

Solve People’s Troubles
The first type will trigger when you stop on a Job Cell. You’ll get a small dialogue and then be tasked to stop at a given cell type before the turn deadline runs out. If you manage to clear it successfully, you’ll be able to obtain Wishing Coins.


Winter’s Reveries
The second type of missions can be found in the Winter’s Reveries’ screen, accessible from the Home screen by tapping the following button:


Winter’s Reveries is, put simply, a battle pass, of sorts. You clear missions, and by raising your Pass Level, you’ll be able to gain rewards, including a free SR of Luke. There’s the free tier, and a paid tier,  which requires US$9,49 in order to access its rewards.


Visit the Reindeer’s Workshop!

Once you walk a certain amount of steps, you’ll encounter a portal to the Reindeer Workshop. One pro tip is to have your Loaded Dice ready when you’re close to the portal, because if you end up passing it, you’ll have to traverse the entire board AGAIN just to get it. And that makes you lose time and…not to mention, precious dice. So be careful!

Each Workshop is fitted with spaces that give out a lot more rewards than the spaces you’d find on the main board. So try to stop on as many as you can before you reach the end of the loop! There are six types of the Workshop in total, you’ll earn a Xmas Partyland special badge you can place on your profile if you manage to visit all six.


Upgrade your Snow Globe!

In the middle of the board, you’ll find the Snow Globe. As you make your rounds across it, you’ll steadily increase the level, which will also increase the quality of the rewards you can choose when you stop on the aforementioned Luck Cell.


Encounter special guests!

As you traverse the board, guests might spawn randomly. If you bump into them, you’ll be greeted with a special event. There are three types of guests in the event:

Reindeer Mascot
Bump into the Reindeer to answer a quick holiday-themed question. Depending on your answer, the reindeer will give you a different reward.

Naughty Snowman
If you use the Lucky Bell item, or bump into one, you’ll be thrusted into a debate! Win the debate against this Naughty Snowman and earn S-Chips. You can choose the difficulty after the fourth encounter and onwards. If you fail to deplete the HP, the Snowman will move 9 spaces away, and you can bump into him again and continue where you left off.


Dressed Staff
Sometimes you’ll find staff dressed up with different animal hats such as penguins or wolves. If you manage to win the debate against them, you can earn S-Chips, just like those you did with the Snowman. But unlike the Snowman, the difficulty is predetermined, and cannot be changed.


Get Rewards with your Exchange Wishing Coins!

By tapping the Wishing Coin icon located at the top right of your screen, you’ll be taken to the exchange shop. The exchange shop offers many rewards, but the ones I want to give attention to are the Skill Enhancement Materials.

They’re incredibly rare to get through normal ways, so I definitely recommend getting those first. After you’ve completely bought them all, I suggest going for the Stellin and Oracle of Justice IV rewards.


Here’s everything you need to know to clear the Xmas Partyland event! Enjoy the snowy sights and the winter wonderlands of the holidays with your favorite character!

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Celebrate a Sweet Holidays in Tears of Themis’s Xmas Partyland Event

Celebrate the Holidays in Tears of Themis’s Xmas Partyland Event!

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