My Hero Ultra Impact Tier List – Best Reroll Characters


This My Hero Ultra Impact Tier List will shed spotlight on the strongest characters and which is worth rerolling for! Find out who is the highest tier character in My Hero Academia Ultra Impact!

As always, we recommend picking up your favourite character and playing the game with them before looking toward any kind of tier list! Gacha games are always best enjoyed with characters you have a strong personal connection with. However, if you are a pure meta slave and want to guarantee your account’s staying power, here are our recommendations!

Just as a brief disclaimer, My Hero Academia Ultra Impact has been out for a few days at this point in English and, while the JP server has been out for a little longer, take our advice with a grain of salt. These are the characters the community has pegged as being incredibly strong and versatile but things may change as the meta evolves.

S – Tier

[Number One] Katsuki Bakugo

My Hero Ultra Impact Tier List - Best Reroll Characters

Bakugo’s damage is absolutely insane and he is widely considered to be the best unit in the game at present.

With a Plus Ultra attack that deals 600% damage to a single enemy, and a set of Action Skills that deal heavy damage and inflict burns, not much will be able to stand in your way when using Bakugo.

[Ever Ready] Momo Yaoyorozu

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Momo’s ability to charge the entire team’s Plus Ultra gauge by 20% is great for her utility as a supporting character

Momo is also a great support character that can cripple enemies with debuffs that reduce speed while helping out her allies with heals and debuff cleanses.

If this wasn’t enough, at the start of the battle when using Momo, all units are immune to one debuff and, when HP is 50% or less, your Plus Ultra gauge increases by 20% again (one time only)!

[Blink of an Eye] Shoto Aizawa

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Aizawa is incredibly fast and has the powerful ability to remove an enemy’s buffs and seal their effects.

 As a pro hero support, he is very long-lasting and his full potential as a unit has yet to be reached. 

Definitely pick up Aizawa if you want a good investment. 

A – Tier

[Advantage] Ochaco Uraraka

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Ochako has a phenomenal Plus Ultra Attack that not only deals heavy damage but buff all allies’ crit rate by 20% for 3 turns. 

She also has a great heal which only adds to her support potential. 

Ochaco falls short when compared to Momo but is still a great support character, 

[Post-Struggle] Shoto Todoroki

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Todoroki is great for both offense and defense.

His ability to freeze enemies might afford you that extra turn needed to win the game.

On the other hand, his burn ability works great with the best character in the game; Number One Bakugo

[Persistence] Eijiro Kirishima 

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Kirishima is not used that much in the early game of Ultra Impact but his use will grow exponentially as you transition into the later portions of the game. 

Kirishima is a tank that can use barriers to cut the damage of incoming attacks, which makes him especially useful in dealing with high damage bosses.

B – Tier

[Ruler of Evil] All For One

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All For One is a great character for applying debuffs to enemies.

He can reduce incoming enemy Action Skill damage by 25% and, by reducing his skill cooldowns with his other Action Skills, he can apply this debuff again and again!

He also has the power to reduce an ally’s cooldowns making him viable as a pseudo-support damage dealer!

[Sharp Gale] Hawks

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Hawks is a fun unit but one that is only used in very specific situations in the game. 

His skill to allow all allies to avoid one attack at the start of battle comes in handy but, aside from this, the other UR characters surpass him in terms of damage and support. 

[Evil Unbound] Tomura Shigaraki

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Tomura is great against “Pro Hero” enemies dealing increased damage when facing off against them and decreasing their power with his Action skills.

He also buffs the power of League of Villains members making him a must-have for any villain-based team!

C – Tier

[Final Blow] Izuku Midoriya 

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Despite being the poster child of the franchise, Izuku, in this game, leaves a little to be desired. 

Deku’s entire kit is based around his Plus Ultra attack which, although deals great damage, also inflicts self-damage to himself.

With very little in the way of team support or durability, Deku is a one-and-done type unit that is overshadowed by the other URs in the game. 

[My Ability] Izuku Midoriya

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This Deku still lacks the power and supportive potential of the other URs in the game. 

He deals heavy damage based on the enemy’s speed but also suffers from the all-or-nothing style of play as Final Blow Deku. 

Find Your Best Heroes in My Hero Ultra Impact Tier List!

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So, these were our recommendations for the best UR units available currently in My Hero Academia Ultra Impact. 

As this game offers an infinite reroll system, we recommend not stopping until you pull at least two or three UR units.

Depending on the number of units you pull, it may be better to start the game with three lower-tier characters than one top tier. 

Still, we wish you good luck in your rerolls and, most importantly…


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