Valkyrie Connect X Hololive EN & JP Collab Teased


Ateam Entertainment’s Valkyrie Connect is having a collaboration featuring the Vtuber idol group Hololive! Two members from Hololive EN, and two members of Hololive JP will be joining the game!

Teased Valkyrie Connect x Hololive Silhouettes!

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Valkyrie Connect’s official Twitter has also teased one of the members who will be appearing in the collaboration! They’ve even left a couple of hints, can you guess who it is?

– Mischievous
– Almond
– Carrots


Spoilers on which Hololive members will be joining the fray are below!

An image was leaked of the Hololive members that will be joining the collaboration with their designs!

valkyrie connect

The members are Ninomae Ina’nis and Takanashi Kiara of Hololive EN. Usada Pekora, and La+ Darknesss of Hololive JP!

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