Fuuto PI Anime Reveals Key Visual & Theme Song Composed by Kouji Kikkawa


The TV anime adaptation of the Fuuto PI manga originally written by Shotaro Ishinomori, Masaki Satō, and Riku Sanjo revealed a new key visual, opening theme song, and August 2022 debut.

The theme song, “Sin and Punishment’s Angler” (罪と罰とアングラ) is composed by the live-action Kamen Rider W series’ Sōkichi Narumi actor Kouji Kikkawa. The actor also wrote the lyrics and is also the main singer of the song. Furthermore, another opening song, “Private Eye”, will be fully instrumental and performed by the “Big Gadgets ft. Aya Kamiki w TAKUYA” unit.

The anime is set to premiere on Tokyo MX on August 8, but subscribers of the U-NEXT service will be able to watch the first episode on August 1 at midnight [JST].

Fuuto PI Anime Reveals Key Visual & Theme Song Composed by Kouji Kikkawa

FUUTO PI is is a sequel project for the 2009 Kamen Rider W tokusatsu series. Set in the city of Fūto, where peace has supposedly returned, private detective Shoutarou Za and his partner Phillip confront a new mysterious case, as bizarre incidents continue to occur frequently on the far side of the city. Then, they meet Tokime, a mysterious beauty who appears, and thus, a new evil casts its shadow over the windy city.

futotantei 1

Fuuto PI Anime Staff & Production

Director: Yousuke Kabashima
Series Composition: Tatsuto Higuchi
Music: Kotaro Nakagawa and Shuhei Naruse
Character Design: Hidekazu Ebina
Art Director: Yukihiro Watanabe
Chief Animation Director: Hidekazu Ebina and Sei Komatsubara
Mechanical Design: Hiroyuki Taiga
Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
CGI Director: Hiroyuki Kashima (unknownCASE)
Director of Photography: Tsuyoshi Shimura and Yūichi Takezawa
Producer: Daisuke Furuya and Megumi Naitō
Animation Studio: Studio KAI

Fuuto PI Anime Cast

■ Philip/Kamen Rider W – CV: Kouki Uchiyama
■ Shōtarō Hidari/Kamen Rider W – CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya
■ Tokime – CV: Akira Sekine
■ Yukiji Bandō – CV: Daisuke Ono
■ Ryū Terui/Kamen Rider Accel – CV: Makoto Furukawa
■ Akiko Narumi – CV: Mikako Komatsu

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