Made In Abyss Season 2 New Trailer Confirms July Debut


KADOKAWA posted a new trailer of Made In Abyss Season 2 anime, titled Made In Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun, and confirmed its debut in July 2022. The trailer also announces additional cast members, as well as the anime’s theme songs. The opening song “Katachi” was performed by Riko Azuna, and the ending song “Endless Embrace” by MYTH&ROID.

The four additional cast includes; Hiroki Gotō as Majikaja, Kana Ichinoseas Maaa, Kimiko Saitō as Muugi, and finally, Ryota Takeuchi as Gaburoon.

Natsuko Hara, Inori Minase, and Toshiyuki Morikawa are also seen returning from the anime’s first season as their respective characters.

miabyss kv2 2

Made In Abyss Season 2 Anime PV 2

Made in Abyss Anime Story

The enormous pit and cave system called the “Abyss” is the only unexplored place in the world. Strange and wonderful creatures reside in its depths, and it is full of precious relics that current humans are unable to make. The mysteries of the Abyss fascinate humans, and they head down to explore. The adventurers who venture into the pit are known as “Cave Raiders.” A little orphan girl named Rico lives in the town of Ōrth on the edge of the Abyss. Her dream is to become a Cave Raider like her mother and solve the mysteries of the cave system. One day, Rico starts exploring the caves and discovers a robot that resembles a human boy.

Made in Abyss Production Staff

Director: Masayuki Kojima
Assistant Director: Hitoshi Haga
Series Composition, Scripts: Hideyuki Kurata
Character Design: Kazuchika Kise (Production I.G)
Color Key Artist: Miyao Yamashita
Director of Photography: Tsunetaka Ema (T2 Studio)
Sound Director: Yō Yamada
Sound Effects: Toru Noguchi
Music: Kevin Penkin
Music producer: Hiromitsu Iijima
Music Production: Irma la Douce
Animation Production: Kinema Citrus

Made in Abyss Cast

■ Riko – CV: Miyu Tomita
■ Reg – CV: Mariya Ise
■ Faputa – CV: Misaki Kuno
■ Vueko – CV: Yuka Terasaki
■ Wazukyan – CV: Hiroaki Hirata
■ Belaf – CV: Mitsuki Saiga
■ Majikaja – CV: Hiroki Gotō
■ Maaa – CV: Kana Ichinose
■ Muugi – CV: Kimiko Saitō
■ Gaburoon – CV: Ryota Takeuchi

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