Kinsō no Vermeil Anime’s New PV Reveals Additional Cast & July 5 Premiere


The anime adaptation of Kōta Amana and Yōko Umezu’s Kinsō no Vermeil: Gakeppuchi Majutsushi wa Saikyou no Yakusai to Mahou Sekai wo Tsukisusumu (Vermeil in Gold: A Magician Pushes Through the Magical World With the Strongest Disaster) fantasy manga revealed a new key visual, PV, and additional cast. The anime will premiere on July 5.

The PV also shows a sneak peek of both the opening and the ending songs. The opening song “Abracada-Boo” is sung by Yū Okano and the ending song “Mortal With You” is performed by Mili, known for their work in Goblin Slayer. A CD containing both songs will be available to purchase on August 3.

Kinsō no Vermeil begins with a student at the magic school, Alto, who was on the verge of repeating the school year. He accidentally found a book that activated a magic circle, and as a result, summoned the sealed devil Vermeil, who is a very unhealthy older sister with a power devastating enough to be called a disaster!

Kinsō no Vermeil Anime's New PV Reveals Additional Cast & July 5 Premiere

Kinsō no Vermeil Anime Trailer

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Kinsō no Vermeil Anime Additional Cast

Several new cast members were also confirmed in the anime trailer.

Marcus Parston – CV: Yū Okano
A classmate of Alto. Although he is the descendant of one of the Four Great Mages, he has no outstanding abilities and his grades are not very good. His personality is always positive and optimistic, and he’s always well versed in the affairs of the Academy of Magic.

vermeil marx

Sharol Iridescence – CV: Kaori Ishihara
A student at the academy and a follower of Marcus. She has a quiet and rewarding personality, and her grades are as good as Lilia’s. She is a hard worker who often follows Marcus’s lead, but she can’t seem to leave him alone.

vermeil sharol

François – CV: Sakura Nakamura
A male beetle with a ribbon wrapped around its horn, and Marcus’s messenger. Its favourite treat is tree sap and nectar.

vermeil francois

■ Elena Kimberlight – CV: Kana Hanazawa
The student body president of the academy. She is known as Gold Square and is said to be the most powerful person in the school, the closest to the Master of Magic (Platinum Square). Taciturn and cold-hearted, she has no mercy for those who go against the order of the school.

vermeil elena

■ Shinōji Ryūga – CV: Kazuyuki Okitsu
He is the vice president of the student council in the upper division of the academy. He is always calm and collected, analyzes every situation logically, and tries to solve it rationally. He is also the organizer of the unique members of the student council. His aristocratic-style shirt and glasses are both things he refuses to take off.

vermeil shinouji

■ Obsidian – CV: Takehito Koyasu
A teacher who is in charge of the Magic History classes. His classes always start with a mild atmosphere and are very popular among female students. He is always concerned about Alto, who is often the center of attention, and sometimes offers him advice.

vermeil obsidian

■ Chris Westland – CV: Yurina Amami
A member of the student council of the academy’s high school and the leader of the Dragon Cavalry. He is also a genius who was scouted by the Royal Air Force. Very strict with the students of the corps, and has a somewhat predatory side to him. He does, however, trust dragons greatly.

vermeil chris

■ Jessica Schwarz – CV: Riho Sugiyama
The head of the student council’s dueling committee in the academy’s upper-division. She swears absolute loyalty to Elena, but from the other end of the spectrum, she is often ridiculed by Shinōji as a “chairman fanatic”. While strict, she also has a surprisingly maidenly side.

vermeil jessica

Kinsō no Vermeil Anime Staff & Production

Original story by Kōta Amana and Yōko Umezu (GANGAN Square Enix)
Director: Takashi Naoya
Series Composition: Tatsuya Takahashi
Assistant Director: Matsuo Asami
Character Design: Sei Tateishi
Sub-character Prop Design: Ayana Togashi
Chief Animation Director: Sei Tateishi / Toshimitsu Kobayashi / Yukiyo Komido / Atsushi Aono
CG Director: Hiroyuki Ikeda
Color designer: Ryoji Nagasawa
Art Director: Hirotaka Kozaki
Director of Photography: Mitsuhiro Kuno
Editing: Tomomi Umezu
Animation Production: Staple Entertainment

Kinsō no Vermeil Anime Cast

■ Alto Goldfield – CV: Yūya Hirose
■ Vermeil – CV: Maaya Uchida
■ Lilia Goodenfelt – CV: Wakana Kuramochi
■ Marcus Parston – CV: Yū Okano
■ Sharol Iridescence – CV: Kaori Ishihara
■ François – CV: Sakura Nakamura
■ Elena Kimberlight – CV: Kana Hanazawa
■ Shinōji Ryūga – CV: Kazuyuki Okitsu
■ Obsidian – CV: Takehito Koyasu
■ Chris Westland – CV: Yurina Amami
■ Jessica Schwarz – CV: Riho Sugiyama

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