Anime Supremacy! Live-Action Film Collaborates With Clamp in New Visual


The live-action movie adaptation of Mizuki Tsujimura’s Anime Supremacy! light novels revealed a new collaboration visual with the famous artist group, Clamp! The movie is set to release on May 20!

Anime Supremacy! is a live-action movie based on the light novel under the same. It is about people working in the anime industry, producing a work they believe in, despite all of the hardships, struggles, and heartbreak that come with it! The illustrations for the novel were done by none other than Clamp themselves and the in-story anime films will be produced by Production I.G!

The movie will star actors Riho Yoshioka as Hitomi Saito, Tomoya Nakamura as Chiharu Ōji, Tasuku Emoto as Satoru Yukishiro, and Machiko Ono as Kayoko Arishina. The illustration features the characters of the novel alongside their real-life counterparts, can you tell which actor represents who?

Anime supremacy

Also from May 20, the first week of the film’s release, postcards featuring an illustration by Chocolat manga artist Hidesaku Kubonouchi, will be given to moviegoers. And from May 27, the second week of the film’s release, postcards featuring the collab visual by Clamp will be available at stocks of 200,000 per week to moviegoers!

hakenanime kubonouchi01

Anime Supremacy! Trailer

Anime Supremacy! Story

The story is about Hitomi Saito, a rookie anime director hoping to achieve the title of “Haken” (supremacy) with the director that has inspired her, Chiharu Ōji. But Chiharu, though he has produced many hit films, is returning to the chair for the first time in eight years. Hitomi struggles her hardest to achieve the title while working with a ragtag group of staff, and an eccentric producer.

Anime Supremacy! Film Cast & Staff

The film will have two in-story anime movies being worked on by the characters, and the in-story films will feature a cast of recognizable voice actors!

haken anime 003

Production Staff:
■ Director: Kohei Yoshino
■ Screenwriter: Yosuke Masaike
■ Original Story Writer: Mizuki Tsujimura

■ Theme Song: Genie High
Animation: Production I.G

Live Action Actors
■ Hitomi Saito: Riho Yoshioka 
■ Chiharu Ōji: Tomoya Nakamura
■ Satoru Yukishiro: Tasuku Emoto 
■ Kayoko Arishina: Machiko Ono
■ Koshigaya: Kanji Furutachi 
■ Seki: Seiji Rokkaku
■ Aoi Shino: Marika Kouno 
■ Shuhei Monemori: Asuka Kudō
■ Negishi: Tomoya Maeno
■ Kazuna Namisawa: Karin Ono
■ Maeyamada: Yu Tokui

Within the story of Anime Supremacy are two anime films! Here’s the voice cast for the two in-story films, Soundback: Playing Stone and Fate Front: Liddle Light!

Soundback: Playing Stone
■ Ryūji – CV: Yuki Kaji
■ Takaya – CV: Megumi Han 
■ Mayu- CV: Hina Kino 
■ Kanade’s stone – CV: Show Hayami

Fate Front: Liddle Light
■ Juri – CV: Rie Takahashi
■ Kiyora – CV: Kana Hanazawa
■ Del – CV: Yui Horie
■ Shiori – CV: Yū Kobayashi
■ Nanaka – CV: Reina Kondō
■ Kei – CV: Nanami Tomaru
■ Yuki – CV: Sayaka Ohashi

Romi Park will also be narrating both in-story anime films!

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