Touken Ranbu Warriors Gets PC Port on May 24


Koei Tecmo and DMM GAMES announced that Touken Ranbu Warriors will also receive a PC release via Steam on May 24, the same day as the Nintendo Switch version launches in the west. A demo version of the PC port is currently available on Steam, which allows you to transfer the data when the game officially launches.

Similar to the Nintendo Switch port, the PC version will have two editions, which are the base game for USD$59.99, and a Digital Deluxe Edition for USD$109.99, the latter of which will include all of the music and DLC costume.

Touken Ranbu Warriors Digital Deluxe Edition

The Digital Deluxe Edition will include the base game, as well as 5 Honmaru backdrops, and 5 additional music pieces, of which 3 are battle music pieces, and 2 are honmaru music pieces. And finally, Uchiban Outfits for all of the 16 available swords.

Characters wearing Uchiban Outfits will not be in an Injured State. While wearing the outfits, the Hissatsu Gauge will fill more easily.

touken ranbu warriors img4

Touken Ranbu Warriors Trailer (Steam Ver.)

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