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Returning to mobile with flashier effects, better UI, and bringing back the frenetic combat of the original, Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD is the enhanced remake of the original Date A Live: Spirit Pledge. As the game officially launches today, we have prepared a beginner’s guide to help beginners and everyone who is returning to this action dating sim. Whether you are a casual gamer or a hardcore action RPG fan, these tips will ensure you a smooth run as you begin your journey into Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD!

Date A live Spirit Pledge HD

Tip 1: Collect Your Rewards

After completing the tutorial and having full access to Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD, make sure to check your events box and mail for rewards! Since the game has already gone past 1,5000,000 pre-registrations, all players will receive a whole assortment of rewards from free Spirit Badges, to a 4-star selection box! Make sure you also check in every day to claim your login rewards and get more stamina from Tohka’s Love Bento.

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Completing Quests, and Challenge goals are also a guaranteed way to get loads of items diamonds, and Spirit Badges. You can find the Quests tab on the main menu and Challenge Goals when looking at any story chapter. These rewards will add up to loads of spirit badges you can use for strengthening your team and pulling the Gacha!

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Tip 2: Play The Right Stages

Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD has loads of different stages for you to pick from, understanding which ones you should play first will keep you from unnecessarily using Stamina. When starting out it’s best to go through Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD’s story mode first, this mode is generally well balanced around the starting characters and will give a glimpse into what the other characters can do before you unlock them. You’ll also be able to net a good variety of items that can be for enhancing, and fragments of many characters.

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Once you’ve reached a point where the story is getting too difficult, check out the various event and daily stages. EXP, Gold, Potential, and Sephira stages are available daily and are a great way to upgrade your Spirits. Here’s a rundown of each stage and why you would want to run them.

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EXP Stages are great if you want to quickly upgrade your spirits, the higher difficulty you go, the more EXP items you can get. Characters take quite a bit of EXP to level up, so it’s always a good idea to stockpile EXP items even if your favorites are maxed out, to prepare for the newer characters.

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Gold Stages can net you a ton of Gold which is needed for almost every upgrade. Since you earn gold from a lot of story missions, collection rewards, and dailies, it’s best you tackle these stages when you have just run out of money.

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Sephira Stages are great collecting materials to level up your Sephiras, which can greatly boost the stats of your Spirits! It’s a good idea to run these stages after you’ve collected Sephiras you’ll be using, as it doesn’t take too many Gurus to max out a Sephira.

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Potential Stages will net you Battlelogs, allowing you to transcend your character. You are always guaranteed the basic Battlelogs but elemental Battlelogs will be given at random. You can trade in basic chests for an elemental choice chest in the shop, and higher difficulty potential stages will net you more Battlelogs, so aim for the hardest stage you can complete!

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You may have seen some of these stages have bonus reward chances. Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD has rotation bonuses and rewards for daily stages. Check the in-game schedule for when the bonus rewards will come for which stage, and consider running those stages at least once to cash in on the bonus reward.

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Tip 3: Use Social Features To Get An Edge

Bringing friends, or making friends in Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD can make stages easier! Having friends allows you to pick them as support characters in stages, helping you get past an extra-hard story stage, or that little boost you need to complete the harder daily stages, and maximize your grinding while netting your friend points.

Once you’ve hit level 30, you’ll also be able to unlock Clubs which make it easier for you to host sessions with friends in Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD’s boss modes, team up with friends, or make new ones through fun life-or-death battles!

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Tip 4: Save up for Your Favourite Girls

Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD has a pity system to ensure that you get a 5-star character. Pity rates do not carry over between summons, so saving up helps to ensure your chance of getting your favorite character. 10x summons will also guarantee you get a 4-star character or Sephira, so your patience will always reward you with something good for saving up!

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The limited summons is also a great way to get the specific character you want, as your chances of getting them will be increased while they’re available. Unlike the regular pools, the limited summons will require Proof of Oaths. Since these are different currencies, you won’t need to save up your Fate Badges for upcoming events in Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD.

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Regardless of what you get from your rolls, you can turn your summon pulls into rewards at the Destiny of Time, and Echoes of Fate stores. These shops will allow you to convert your roll results into a plethora of rewards, such as gems, Sephiras, and upgrade materials. You can even turn these into fragments for Kurumi Tokisaki, or Kotori Itsuka, giving you a guaranteed way to get 5-star characters!

Many of the items in the shop will refresh at the end of the month, so make sure to grab the ones you want the most by the end of the month, so you can get more of them the day after!

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Tip 5:  How to Upgrade Your Spirits?

It’s something you do a lot in RPGs, but Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD has numerous ways to level up and strengthen your Spirits apart from just leveling them up. Understanding how to level up, activate crystals, assign Sephiras, use Gems, unlock skills, and awaken will turn your characters from powered-up school girls to devastating spirits!

■ Leveling up Spirits and Transcendence
You can level up Spirits using the EXP Chips you farmed from the daily stages. Once you’ve leveled up a Spirit to its maximum level, you’ll need to transcend your spirit. Transcending spirits require Battlelogs from the Potential daily stage, doing so will boost their base stats, and once you’ve completed a Transcendence tree, their max level cap will increase.

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If you struggle with getting Battlelogs for a specific element, you can trade them Normal Battlelogs at the Store for Element Choice Chests. Since Potential stages will always drop Normal Battlelogs, this is a guaranteed way to transcend any character you want!

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■ Character Crystals
If you’ve rerolled a character or picked up their fragments from events or the store, you can unlock a character’s crystal! Crystals will grant characters unique effects, such as giving Yoshiko new effects every time she casts a skill or giving Kurumi an extra clone during her attacks! Crystals are a way to boost up a character’s power significantly and are worth farming whenever they show up.

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■ What Sephiras should you use?
Sephiras are equipable you can place on your Spirits. You can find more Sephiras from the summoning, from the store, or certain story rewards. Sephiras come in many varieties allowing several different ways to boost your characters. In each Spirit’s “tips” section, Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD has a section on what Sephiras are the best for a certain character. Usually, these will be the Sephiras belonging to that character, like a Kurumi Sephira will work best on her.

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If you don’t have these, try to aim for a set of Sephira to have powerful set bonuses. You can find the various effect bonuses in the Combo section when looking at Sephira’s stats. If you don’t own the ones in a complete set, you can still combo them for minor bonuses. Lower Rarity Sephrias can still become very powerful with the Star-up feature, allowing to boost a Sephira’s rarity, increasing its max level and effect bonus by using a duplicate of it.

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■ What are Gems?
Gems are equipable items you can earn from trading in at the Echoes of Fate and Destiny of Time store. Gems offer great stat bonuses, and like Sephiras can be placed with ones similar to each other to grant strong set bonuses. Gems operate similarly to artifacts in Genshin Impact, where each gem has a set base stat and set bonus, but a random sub-stat. When you enhance a gem, you will increase its base stat and upgrade a random sub-stat every four levels.

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You can reroll for the sub-stats on these gems by buying Reforge Liquids from the training store to have a gem start out with your most desired stats. You won’t be able to do this after you’ve enhanced a gem, so if you want the absolute best gem, you will need to find one with your desired stats, then enhance it further.

Like Sephiras, Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD provides tips on the best gems for each character. In terms of sub-stats, you’ll want to aim for Crit Rate, Crit DMG, ATK Bonus, and Pierce bonuses. The distribution of these stats will depend on your character, but generally, if a Gem has at least 3 of these stats from the get-go, you can keep the gem for use on a character.

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■ The Skill Tree
Replacing Spirit Pledge’s weapon system is Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD’s Skill Tree. You unlock skill points by finishing a Transcendence tree for a character. The skill tree will add powerful bonuses to your character’s abilities, giving them new properties. It’s best to aim for the “EX” bonuses on every skill first, as these offer the biggest bonuses to each skill, and they only require 1 point. Try working your way to upgrade every skill equally to maximize the strengths of your character.

You won’t be penalized for adding skill points, as you can always take away skill points added from one skill to another to adjust your playstyle depending on the stage. Taking too much damage on a stage? Upgrade Kurumi’s Food Territory to heal her, or if an enemy is healing too much, take those points and put them into her Shooting Gallery to reduce the enemy’s healing.

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Tip 6: Learn the Element Restraint Chart

Introduced in Spirit Pledge HD is the Element restraint chart. Certain elements will deal more damage to others, while also taking less from that Element. Magic is the exception as it deals slightly more damage to all elements while taking more damage from every other element. Light and Dark are the exceptions as they only affect each other.

Daily stages will recommend you bring a character with a certain element with you, as such it’s best to have at least 1 character of each element upgraded to take advantage of the damage bonus. Even if they aren’t the highest level member of your team, a 25% damage bonus will do wonders for a swift and easy clear.

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Tip 7: Take Advantage Of Swap Skills

In Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD, whenever you swap tap in a character to take the battlefield, they will now enter with a Swap attack, dealing damage to enemies around them when they land. Each character’s swap skill attacks are different, with characters like Raphael blowing enemies away when they enter, Yoshino freezing her foes in place, or Takamiya who draws enemies closer to her when she appears.

Learn and practice the timings for the Swap skills of your characters to keep your enemies suspended in the air, for massive combos!

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Final Tips for You to Dive in Date A Live Pledge HD

Take it slow and have fun! Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD has a lot of events, and additional ways to upgrade and strengthen your characters. Just because you can’t get past a difficult stage now doesn’t mean you won’t be able to after a few days. If you can’t pick up a high-rarity character as soon as you start, you may be able to the next day, it’s just a matter of luck and patience! Stick to your favorite team, and play in relaxing sessions without burning yourself out and you’ll eventually be able to get everything you want!

We hope this guide has helped you understand some of the game’s systems a little better, and hope you have fun in the Date A Live Spirit Pledge!

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