Zenless Zone Zero Unveils Combat Trailer and a New Character


At day one of Summer Game Fest 2022, miHoYo unveiled a new trailer for their new urban RPG Zenless Zone Zero, showing off members of five of the game’s factions, the game’s third-person combat, enemies, and a brand new character, 11.

The trailer also showed off a core gameplay feature, quick-swapping, where players can instantly call out another character after an attack to continue a combo sequence, then take control of them. Some characters will also have the ability to automatically deflect projectiles during movement.

Zenless Zone Zero Combat Trailer

Zenless Zone Zero Combat Trailer Breakdown

At the beginning of the trailer, they went through a short roll call of some of the factions/teams that will be present in the game. We got to see members of Gentle House, Belobo Industries, Victoria House Keeping, H. SOS 6 and for the first time, the Defence Force, with a character seemingly named 11.

■ Gentle House

Zenless Zone Zero

■ Belobo Industries

zenless zone zero combat 0000s2

■ H. SOS 6

zenless zone zero combat 0000s3

■ Victoria House Keeping Co.

zenless zone zero combat 0000s4

■ Defence Force

zenless zone zero combat 0000s5
zenless zone zero combat 0000s7

After the character role call, the trailer showed off the game’s flashy combat system, with the camera angle dynamically shifting as the characters attack. There was also a glimpse at a bullet-deflecting mechanic, where 11 was running towards the boss enemy while automatically deflecting the bullets shot at her, similar to Raiden in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

zenless zone zero combat 0000s8
zenless zone zero combat 0000s9
zenless zone zero combat 0000s10
zenless zone zero combat 0000s11

The trailer also showed off more gameplay featuring the other characters that were revealed, here team combo attacks were the focal point, as after a character executed a powerful cinematic move, the camera would immediately shift to another character, performing their attack after, or even during the move of the previous one.

It seems Zenless Zone Zero will have a quick swap mechanic, encouraging players to chain together combos with team members. Because of the way these moves interact team composition may play a vital role in the game, as they can dictate what kind of combos you will be able to pull off, and how the enemies end up. Maybe you will keep a single enemy suspended in the air longer, or opt for characters with a huge range to instantly clear out a large wave.

zenless zone zero combat 0000s13
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