Digimon Survive is Out Now on Consoles, PC Release on July 29!


Bandai Namco Entertainment just released the Digimon-themed TRPG, Digimon Survive! Fight for your lives, keep your team together, and do what it takes to survive this bizarre new digital world on the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S today!

Players that purchase the game now or have pre-ordered the game can receive the DLC limited additional monster, Guilmon as an early purchase bonus, and those that purchased the package version will get a Digimon Survive Commemoration Promo pack, with three cards from the Digimon TCG!

The Steam version will be released tomorrow, 29 July 2022.

Digimon Survive Launch Trailer

Digimon Survive Worldview

After getting lost on a normal school trip with his classmates, Takuma Momozuka finds himself trapped in a bizarre world inhabited by Digimon, and seemingly new creatures. Even with his best friend Agumon, Takuma has to keep the group from going off the rails as they slowly become unhinged from staying in this new world for too long, with seemingly no hope of survival.

Join Takuma and his friends as they fight their way back home, and uncover the mystery behind the Kemonorium, the sacred shrine to the illusive Kemonogami.

Digimon Survive
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Digimon Survive Gameplay

Digimon Survive plays as a mix between a visual novel, and a TRPG. Explore this new Digital world with your classmates, and keep them together as you battle new threats using your Digimon. Evolve them during combat to annihilate your enemies, or talk it out to recruit them. However you choose to go about combat, carefully strategy and team-building will be the key to success, as you try to find an escape from this digital nightmare.

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Digimon Survive Early Purchase Bonuses

Players that pre-ordered or purchase the game early can get Guilmon early, alongside three exclusive trading cards you can use in the Digimon Trading Card game!

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