8 Must-Watch Anime in Winter 2023


Winter Anime 2023 has started airing, bringing to television and monitors sequels to popular titles like Nagatoro-san and Vinland Saga. This winter anime season serves up a good variety of interesting shows ranging from lighthearted, to brooding and intense! For something new to watch, check out the following new anime selections that stand out based on their first episodes.

Our list will focus on new anime series that debut in January 2023, through a number of fans’ favorite anime titles updated with new seasons, and a few standout sequel seasons will be mentioned towards the article’s end. Read on for a recommendation of the season’s standout Isekai, and leave a comment on what new anime this winter you’re most interested in!

The Magic Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady 

The Magic Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady might, at first glance, feel like just another Isekai in a season that is heavy with the recent trend towards other world adventures. But quality character designs and wonderfully executed scenes in the first episode make this yuri Isekai stand out from the rest.

8 Must-Watch Winter Anime 2023

While searching for a way to overcome her inability to use magic, reincarnated princess Anis finds herself, suddenly, entangled with the noblewoman Euphie, her prince brother’s spurned ex-fiance. Magic Revolution, originally a light novel and then a manga, follows the adventures of the pair as they venture into magic and politics, experimenting with magic while attempting to restore Euphie’s tarnished reputation.

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The pair stand out from their gorgeous character designs, and the anime’s first episode promises that intelligent writing will make the cast likable but also emotionally complex. Beautiful animation, accompanied by music that builds up to intense scenes, heightens the emotional highs and lows within the first episode and brings to life protagonist Anis’ cheerful optimism.

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Voice actress Sayaka Senbongi’s vocal work as Anis makes the princess a lively and unforgettable presence in Magic Revolution. And Ore Gairu writer Wataru Watari’s work on the show’s series composition helps explain how this series does such a great job of elevating its light novel and manga source material to new heights.

Magic Revolution is going to be a quality show worth watching. Individuals a bit tired of Isekai antics can expect this anime to ground fantasy elements and politics within strong character moments and impactful scenes, so that this yuri adaptation will stand out amongst the season’s Isekai adventures. Magic Revolution is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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A drastically different experience, Revenger is an original anime series with a darker tone and brutal action sequences that stand out from its counterparts in Winter Anime 2023. The story follows a group of misfits enacting vengeance for the powerless in 19th-century Japan, near the decline of the samurai. 

image 19

Writer Gen Urobuchi, renowned for his involvement in works like Madoka and Fate/Zero, has clearly left his mark on this promising anime’s first episode. Strong pacing and dialogue are trademarks of Urobuchi, and a viewer can expect interesting, gut-wrenching plot twists and character developments over the course of this season of Revenger. 

QooApp Revenger Yuuen

Outside of the writing, Revenger’s first episode boasts some gorgeous cinematography and glimpses of Japanese landscapes which make great use of the historical setting. The show alternates between these slower-paced scenes of dialogue and scenery, and well-choreographed moments of intense violence, but Revenger nails both of these different tones.

QooApp Revenger Jinkuro

Based on initial impressions, the show appears gorgeous and well-executed, and a solid choice for viewers who enjoy slow-paced, thoughtful stories lacking anime girls. Where the show and its strange group of characters are headed is a delightful uncertainty. Urobuchi’s writing on occasion becomes too philosophical and nonsensical as a show gets underway, but Revenger looks promising and is off to a strong start. The show is available to watch on Crunchyroll.  

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Spy Classroom 

Spy Classroom is likely to be a lighthearted and fun anime to follow, with enjoyable characters and an interesting premise. Adapting a light novel turned manga, the show depicts a world ravaged by a brutal war, which has turned to espionage and spies to resolve conflicts. The show’s band of misfit female spy students are training to complete an impossible mission against a hostile nation.

image 20

This simple set-up suggests that the show won’t do anything too unexpected, but will provide the viewer with a glimpse into an interesting world with enjoyable action and espionage. The character designs and voice actresses of Spy Classroom are top-notch, and you can expect the show to develop each spy and their abilities in interesting ways over the course of the season.

image 21

Outside of the character designs, the world shown in Spy Classroom’s first episode is beautiful. Both the music and visuals create a strong impression of early 20th-century empires, a setting ideal for spy work. Expect the show’s action to be solid, but more lighthearted moments and fanservice scenes to be handled well, also.

image 22

The first episode of Spy Classroom solidifies two strengths: an interesting world that works well with the spy premise, and standout character designs that get to show off different memorable outfits. If the plot set-up, character artwork, or promise of action scenes interest you, then definitely check it out. Spy Classroom is currently available to watch on HIDIVE.    

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NieR: Automata Ver 1.1a

A long-anticipated adaptation, NieR: Automata Ver 1.1a has the potential to be a strong candidate in the lineup of Winter Anime 2023. This retelling of a PlatinumGames action title depicts a futuristic Earth in which YoHRa androids, fighting for humanity, battle against robots who have invaded Earth. Based on the anime’s first episode, Nier fans can expect solid action and on-screen moments for popular protagonist 2B. 

image 23

It is hard to say how the Nier story will translate onto the screen, given how the original game relied on player exploration and video game features to gradually reveal a complex narrative. The anime’s first episode suggests a focus on action and provided enjoyable 2D fighting as well as acceptable CGI action moments.

image 24

Will Nier’s memorable story be dumbed down into a series of boss battles? It’s difficult to judge. The relationship between central figures 2B and 9S was a focus of the first episode, which is a positive for fans of these characters, but perhaps a sign that other interesting plot lines from the original NieR: Automata game will be simplified or ignored.

4. NieR Automata Ver 1.1a 2

The Nier adaptation will probably not improve upon the original game’s storytelling, but the animation and vocal work for character 2B are fantastic, and fans of the android have a clear reason to watch this show. Newcomers to Nier will likely enjoy the show’s characters and setting, but the true test will be how the show deals with the story’s more complex and bizarre plotlines. NieR: Automata Ver 1.1a is available to watch via Crunchyroll.

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Ippon again!

Ippon again! is a sports anime focusing on a group of girls who come together through a love of judo. Endearing and cheerful, and just the right amount of awkward, the main cast is funny and likable, bouncing the show between comedic and wholesome moments that are well-executed.

4. Ippon again

Outside of the show’s laidback moments, the viewer experiences judo that is animated and choreographed incredibly well. For a laidback and cheery sports anime with fun characters and solid animation, Ippoin again! is a solid choice and is available to watch on HIDIVE.   

Handyman Saitou in Another World

Similarly laidback, Handyman Saitou in Another World captures an interesting and unexpected side of fantasy worlds through the Isekai protagonist Saitou’s handyman expertise. It is refreshing to see practical knowledge and tools applied creatively in a fantasy world, and the first episode strikes a smart balance between humorous scenes and laidback moments which allow Saitou’s previous life’s knowledge to shine.

image 9

Featuring Saitō, a run-of-the-mill handyman, people that fix your appliances at home and know a way or two around locks, he is reincarnated into another world as himself, with no strings attached.

While his skills might not be the best at fighting, his experience as a handyman proves useful when he runs into Raleza, a beautiful warrior, and her powerful, but forgetful Magician Morok, and their fairy friend Lafanpan. His experience lets him easily repair their broken armors, open chests, and much more, essentially being a mix of a thief and smithy class!

handyman saito gible ririza pv 09

Crunchyroll is streaming Handyman Saitou, which seems like a fun, relaxed show with interesting characters. 

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Bungo Stray Dogs Season 4

For new seasons of continuing shows, this winter offers a variety of solid options. Bungo Stray Dogs is an action series that strays away from typical shōnen tropes, like a central character constantly fighting stronger enemies. Instead, the show presents interesting plot developments and mysteries which build up to impactful scenes, especially after the first season.

bungosd4 kaigai

Check this new season out on Crunchyroll if you’re interested in any of Bungo’s popular character designs, or striking depictions of famous Japanese authors.

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Vinland Saga Season 2

Vinland Saga also updated with a second season in January, a brutal show rooted in historical characters and events drawn from 11th-century Viking escapades. The anime introduces the central character of Thorfinn and his quest for vengeance. Vinland’s setting is beautiful and unforgiving; gorgeous landscapes set the stage for characters to grow, as they learn that power and brutality are the laws of the land.

Vinland Saga

The new season airing in January is off to a strong start, with a fantastic opening song and interesting new characters and plot lines; watch both seasons on Crunchyroll and Netflix.  

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What is Your Favourite Show of Winter Anime 2023?

And these are the standout new anime titles that will be airing this winter, along with a few returning shows! Winter Anime 2023 offers very interesting premises, though they cover very different genres. The Magic Revolution, in particular, stands out as a show to look forward to, which might breathe some life back into the overused Isekai genre and the underdeveloped yuri romance genre. Be sure to leave a comment after checking out any of these shows, and let us know if we missed any new anime that you’re looking forward to!

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