The Alchemist of Ars Magna Launches Globally for PC on March 31


MediBang TraDe announced that it will be responsible for the English release of Ninetail’s The Alchemist of Ars Magna, an alchemy-themed visual novel and RPG coming to PC.

Set in a magical academy, players can enjoy a blend of dungeon-crawling and visual novel storytelling as you explore the world through various nodes, earn Crests, and craft useful items through alchemy, with a Philosopher’s stone system that drains the energy from your body as you use it, adding a level of risk and reward

The Alchemist of Ars Magna will be available on PC via Steam on March 31.

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About The Alchemist of Ars Magna

A long time ago, the founder of alchemy saved people by bringing them from a dying land to one with new fertile life, where man-made creations acted as guardians of humanity.

That time has long passed, and eventually, the Dust of death once again begins to engulf Arcaus, the gods have become mad and unleash mad demons bent on devouring the world and all life within. Thankfully the teachings of the founder of alchemy were not lost, as practitioners of the art continue to gather at Cagliostro Academy, with the brightest minds in the world ready to tackle any disaster.

One day, a young alchemist knocks on the door of the academy, with great aspirations and ideas awaiting the world…

Joining Shin on his quest are childhood friend Aria Magnus voiced by Yuki Akashi,, the austere knight of faith Celestiana Megistos voiced by Ryoko Tezuka, the mysterious magical familiar Enri voiced by Yuri Himuro alongside many more memorable characters, all fully voiced!

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The Alchemist of Ars Magna is a turn-based RPG, create a diverse party of characters as you face off against monsters and demons, while making pacts with the remaining gods to strengthen your party and gain new abilities.

You can also earn Crests as a testament to your contract with the gods, granting new abilities that can be either worn as weapons known as Ether Gear. You’ll also have access to the Philosopher’s stone, a powerful artifact that can convert Dust into ash energy, but be wary as the more you use this powerful item, the more it saps away your own energy, leading to different endings.

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