Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road Unveils Detailed Gameplay, In-Match Systems, and Demo Debut at Tokyo Game Show 2023


In a recent development blog, LEVEL-5 has revealed new details about its upcoming game Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road, the latest installment in the Inazuma Eleven franchise that is set to release for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices in 2023.

The information revealed includes details about the game’s in-match systems, and a long-term operational plan called V-Plan that aims for extended gameplay. An online mode, Victory Road, will allow players to compete for championship titles. Season-based tournaments will also be implemented with player classification into Seasonal and Eternal players.

Fans can look forward to a new trailer premiering on August 31, with a playable demo exhibiting at the Level 5 booth at Tokyo Game Show 2023 in September.

Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road Detailed Gameplay

■ A Game to be Played for a Long Time

The latest installment of the Inazuma Eleven series, Victory Road, has been crafted with a renewed focus on the origin of the series. The developers recognize that game mechanisms have evolved significantly since the early days, and they have determined that simply adhering to the old system wouldn’t do justice to the unique essence of Inazuma Eleven. Therefore, a variety of strategic new systems have been introduced to enhance the match experience.

■ New Match Systems

QooApp Inazuma Eleven Victory Road 1

Focus: Instead of reducing mid-field strategy to mere choices, an action-based system has been adopted, demanding situational judgment. Balance is maintained among player skills, data strength, and luck.

Zone: The offensive and defensive strategies near the goal have been revised, allowing more thoughtful approaches to shooting and passing.

Scramble: Emulating real soccer, a system has been implemented to simulate ball scrambles. The player selects whether to keep the ball in play or make a direct heading pass to a nearby player by positioning the cursor on the marker and pressing the button at the right moment.

Tension Gauge: Replacing individual TP, techniques are now powered by a shared Tension Gauge, managed efficiently to secure victory.

■ Long-Term Operation Plan: V Plan

The V Plan is conceived to make Victory Road a lasting experience, with multiple online mechanisms allowing players to engage with each other.

New Mode: Victory Road

An online mode is planned that allows more than just battles but also player competition for championships in the Football Frontier. This may be every Inazuma Eleven fan’s dream. The competition format is under consideration, but everyone can participate in the qualifiers and earn points freely.

Seasonal Tournament Management

The Football Frontier will be held seasonally, with each season planned for 2-3 months. Winning in Football Frontier does not solely depend on having the strongest players through long offline play. The participating teams must consist of at least six seasonal players and five eternal players.

Seasonal players are only available from that particular season, so you must start building them anew. However, you can also participate with up to five pre-trained strong players (collected in other modes) in the eternal slot. Building a balanced team with both seasonal and past players is essential.

Shifting Seasons’ Players

First-year seasonal players become second-years in the next season and third-years in the following. After that, they graduate. Seasonal players can be used for up to three seasons. Still, once the season passes, they can be included in the team as Eternal players. Rarely, famous players like Kido and Fubuki may appear in the seasonal draw, adding excitement.

■ Audition for Main Characters

After 35 auditions, the casting for the main characters, Unmei Sasanami and Haru Endo, has been determined. Fans can look forward to their voices in the September trailer.

Incorporating Keshin (Avatars) at Launch Stage

While almost all past players will appear, not all previous mechanisms like Mixi Max or Armed can be implemented. Therefore, in the launch stage, up to the Keshin system will be included.

■ New Character Designs

In addition, new character designs were revealed. They have very attractive personalities but not many details were revealed. A blond boy with a strange design, who has a deep connection with a character that appeared in the past, was highlighted.

■ Heita Kisoji

QooApp Inazuma Eleven Victory Road 2

Raika Shinohara

QooApp Inazuma Eleven Victory Road 3

Kameo Kodōkai

QooApp Inazuma Eleven Victory Road 4

Minami Kumohara Middle School Uniform 1

QooApp Inazuma Eleven Victory Road 5

Minami Kumohara Middle School Uniform 2

QooApp Inazuma Eleven Victory Road 6

Mysterious Boy

An important character in the game. He seems related to a character from the past.

QooApp Inazuma Eleven Victory Road 7

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