Bandai Namco Releases the First PV for IM@S Shiny Colors

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Today (6th March), Bandai Namco has released the first trailer for the upcoming smartphone-orientated iDOLM@STER title, Shiny Colors.

The new PV shows some of the new features that will be present in the upcoming game, from the new idols to the gameplay footage of activities including work and leisure scenarios for players to witness.

The PV also revealed gameplay footage of the rhythm game system of the game where players can compete against other players in online Live Battles.

THE iDOLM@STER Shiny Colors is a mobile-orientated browser “idol raising” game with a real-time PvP which uses a traditional rhythm game systems as its core. Players will play as a manager of 283 Production and help raise idols under the company label. The goal of the game is to raise the brightest star of tomorrow. Additionally, the game includes new idolsas well as new social elements to enhance player’s experience.

THE iDOLM@STER Shiny Colors is expected for release in Spring 2018. Stay tuned to QooApp for the latest information!

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