Valiant Force’s Theme Song, "Beyond The Destiny" Performed by Konomi Suzuki!

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Valiant Force announces new exciting news on the official Theme Song for the game performed by renowned Japanese singer, Konomi Suzuki (鈴木このみ)!

<<Official Valiant Force Press Release>>

IMGA’s award-winning mobile title “Valiant Force” is very proud to announce their collaboration with Japanese singer, Konomi Suzuki, whose vocals have been featured in theme songs of numerous popular anime titles such as “No Game No Life” and “Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World”.

“Beyond The Destiny”, Theme Song of Valiant Force (Official Trailer)

“Beyond The Destiny”, Behind-the-Scenes with Singer, Suzuki Konomi (铃木木乃美)

Ms. Suzuki described “Beyond The Destiny” as a song that has both an epic mood and a sad melody. It has a tender side which helps people remember all the important things in their lives. She believes that we can all overcome destiny with a strong enough will, as stated in the song’s title. This is the emotion she tapped into while singing this song.

Valiant Force

How would the two maidens go beyond their destiny in Valiant Force?

To celebrate this collaboration, Valiant Force has prepared a special calendar full of rewards and resources to aid both new and veteran players on their journey. The start of this special giveaway calendar will coincide with the release of the theme song on 26th April. As always, log in daily to collect all the rewards!

More than $300 worth of resources in 2 Free Calendars for all players!

New Epic Event Coming: A Dark Salvation

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D.O.B: 31 July (13 – 15 years old )
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Name: Maya
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Home region: Purgatory
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Maya has four powerful Jobs that you can choose to defeat your enemy

Happy Marvelous May Day!

Beyond the Destiny – Lyrics

(Lyrics by: Akemi Kaneko (金子麻友美))

今もまだ 胸を締めつける

絆は消えない なんて

時を超えて 変わらないその瞳(め)が
ぼくを射抜いて 深くまで揺らす
運命が どんなに残酷だって

笑ってた 君を見つめてる


巡り会えた それだけは真実
止まった時計 また音を刻む
もう二度と 交わらないはずの道


流れ星に 君と祈った夢は
色褪せぬまま 再びきらめく
運命が どんなに残酷だって

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