Knives Out X Gintama Collaboration Announced

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NetEase Games recently announced that Knives Out (荒野行動) will have a collaboration with Gintama (銀魂) at its 2nd Anniversary offline event, held at Prism Hall, Tokyo on 24th November.


Collaboration Period

27th November 10:00 – 11th November 09:59 (JST)

Skydiving Collaboration Video

Collaboration Campaigns

■ Finding keyword (19th November – 5th December 2019 23:59, JST)
Find the keyword(s) in the skydiving collaboration video and enter it in the in-game “mall”. You will receive in-game items as rewards. You can also share the keywords on Twitter and you will enter a lucky draw that may get you a signed autograph of the voice actors/actresses from Gintama or Apple/Google play store’s gift card.

■ Writing review (19th November – 5th December 2019 23:59, JST)
Comment now on Twitter, with the hashtag #荒野行動 and #命がけだぞコノヤロー. You will enter a lucky draw for a chance of winning Knives Out’s goods.

■ Retweeting (19th November – 5th December, 2019 23:59, JST)
Retweet this specific tweet.

You will enter a draw for winning in-game skin: Gintoki’s skin (銀時スキンセット), Kagura’s skin (神楽スキンセット) and Shinpachi’s skin (新八スキンセット).

About Gintama

The original manga series is written and illustrated by Hideaki Sorachi (空知英秋). It had been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 2003 to 2018. The story centers around the daily life that is filled with both happiness and sadness of the Yorozuya trio (Sakata Gintoki, Kagura, Shimura Shinpachi).

About Knives Out

Knives Out is a Battle royale game developed by NetEase in 2017. It was originally for PC and iOS/Android, then the game was ported to Switch and PS4 (scheduled). It is a thrid-person shooting game and the gameplay is similar to PUBG.

Official Site

Official Twitter

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