Tachikawa Yuzuru x Hiroshi Seko x NUT “DECA-DENCE” Original Anime Reveals Key Visual, Main Cast and July Premiere

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Directed by “Death Parade” and “Mob Psycho 100” director Tachikawa Yuzuru (立川譲), and written by “Attack on Titan: Lost Girls” novel writer Hiroshi Seko (瀬古浩司), NUT original anime “DECA-DENCE” (デカダンス) reveals a key visual, the main staff and cast. The anime is scheduled for July 2020.

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Many years have passed since humanity was driven to the brink of extinction by the sudden emergence of the unknown life forms Gadoll. Those humans that survived now dwell in a 3000 meter-high mobile fortress Deca-dence built to protect themselves from the Gadoll threat.

Denizens of Deca-dence fall into two categories: Gears, warriors who fight the Gadoll daily, and Tankers, those without the skills to fight. One day, Natsume, a Tanker girl who dreams of becoming a Gear meets surly Kaburagi, an armor repairman of Deca-dence.

This chance meeting between the seemingly two opposites, the girl with a positive attitude who never gives up on her dreams and the realist who has given up on his, will eventually shake the future course of this world.

Characters and Cast

■ Kaburagi (カブラギ) – CV: Katsuyuki Konishi (小西 克幸)
He is a veteran armor repairman, who was once a renowned Gears in the old days. He shows no interest in battles, but gradually changes after meeting Natsume, the girl who never gives up on her dream.

■ Natsume (ナツメ) – CV: Tomori Kusunoki (楠木 ともり)
Attacked by Gadoll when she was a child, Natsume lost her father and her right arm. She dreams to become Gear even though she doesn’t have the skills required to. After meeting Kaburagi, she works for him and hopes to fulfill her dream one day.

Staff and Production

Director: Yuzuru Tachikawa (立川譲)
Series Composition & Writer: Hiroshi Seko (瀬古浩司)
Animation Character Design & Art Director: Shinichi Kurita (栗田新一)
Character Concept Design: pomodorosa
Cyborg Design: Kiyotaka Oshiyama (押山清高) from Studio Duria
Deca-Dence Design: Hiromatsu Shu (シュウ浩嵩)
Gadoll Design: Satoshi Matsuura (松浦聖)
Sub-Character Design: Hiromi Taniguchi (谷口宏美) & Ai Ogata (緒方歩惟)
Battle Concept Design: Tetsuya Masuda (増田哲弥)
Prop Design: Fuminori Tsukita (月田文律) & Hiyori Denforword Akishino (秋篠Denforword日和) from Aki Production
Visual Concept: Izumi Murakami (村上泉)
Art Director: Takashi Ichikura (市倉敬)
Color Design: Chiho Nakamura (中村千穂)
Director of Photography: Masashi Uoyama (魚山真志)
3DCG Director: Masato Takahashi (高橋将人)
Editor: Yumi Jinguji (神宮司由美)
Music: Masahiro Tokuda (得田真裕)
Sound Director: Fumiyuki Go (郷文裕貴)
Animation Production: NUT

OP Theme Song: Theater of Life/ Konomi Suzuki (鈴木このみ)
ED Theme Song: Ark of Memories (記憶の箱舟)/ Kashitaro Ito (伊東歌詞太郎)

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